PAX Community Steins 2016 - Project Pending...



  • MechcondridMechcondrid CT, USARegistered User regular
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    goat, if no one else steps up and you end up not being able to do it; i can handle the logistics at least if you'd like.
    but in terms of saving time for you, the cafepress drop-ship option is probably going to be the best option if more expensive.
    just looked and the total cost of one flask (which would likely be the drop ship price to people) is $31.48 with the economy shipping of $6.49
    price for a 22oz ceramic stein is the same.
    the bulk price break is a little less for steins than the flasks (flasks are $169.20 for 12; so a $10.89 discount, steins are $194.04 for 12; so a $8.82 discount)

    edit: oh and these are with the full color 2016 pax community badge applied so that is the custom graphics price

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  • KaronethKaroneth Elder Scrolling Online Co-Host Lakehurst, NJRegistered User regular
    Pricier than last year, but if the options are to skip it this year or have the pricier ones as an option, I think the option wins every time if volunteers are able to make this work.

  • miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    Yeah definitely pricier than last year. I want to say the steins were either $10 or $12 last year. Being totally honest I much prefer the stein though if it's decided to make the flasks and they stick around the $10 range I'd probably get one but at $16 I'd totally pass. Though flasks are cool I'd realistically never use it. I use the steins I've gotten in the past and I love them. Flask's just aren't for me though.

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  • melzwaymelzway Registered User regular
    I'd do the stein. I have no use for a flask. What about a mug? Would that be more cost effective?

  • Streetlight345Streetlight345 Seekonk, MARegistered User regular
    I'd love anything that isn't a stein. I bought a pax stein 2 years ago and don't have a need for another.

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  • UEAKCrashUEAKCrash heh Registered User regular
    I'd be down for a flask if they were chosen.

  • TabooPhantasyTabooPhantasy Registered User regular
    I'd really like a pint glass.
    I'm in the same flask boat as several other posters. Cool, but impractical.

  • rtm416rtm416 NYRegistered User regular
    I'd certainly like a pint glass too.

  • PNeafseyPNeafsey Registered User regular
    I haven't been able to attend the past few years so would love a stein, but to be honest I'll probably get one or two whether it's a stein or flask or pint glass, etc.

  • InfiniteNuLLInfiniteNuLL Registered User regular
    I'll have to throw in that I'd prefer a stein as well. I don't drink so a flask would really be a waste on me.

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  • RappakRappak Registered User regular
    Any updates on this? I don't want to miss out again

  • miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    Hey @Le_Goat is there any status on this? I'm assuming the plug has been pulled on this for this year but just wondering what was going on. Haven't seen you post in quite a while so I hope everything is okay!

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  • University OgreUniversity Ogre Registered User regular
    If this is still a thing, I'd be interested in a stein/flask and I have a few friends attending who likely would be too.

  • PNeafseyPNeafsey Registered User regular
    Is this still going on @Le_Goat ?

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I think it is safe to say it is not. If @Le_Goat has an update, he can PM me and I will re-open this thread.

    For now

    Geth, close this thread.

  • GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Affirmative zerzhul. Closing thread...

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