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[Interest?] PA Gaming League

JacobyJacoby OHHHHH IT’S A SNAKECreature - SnakeRegistered User regular
I found a site called Rankade recently. It's one of those gaming group sites with rankings, but their ranking system works with any game. You can have multiple teams or teams of different sizes, and you can even set one team to be a bot if you're playing something co-op. It also lets you enter game names for each match, so you can have one group and get rankings for each game separately.

I had run a league here for Hero Academy, but running it was taking too much time. I had thought about creating my own site to run the league, but fortunately, this site's already what I wanted and more.

In fact, this site would be perfect to start a PA Gaming League. We could have one mass group, but cover every game you might want to play, including board games.

If you're interested, reply here, and let me know what you think it should be called. If there's enough interest, I'll get it started and make a new thread with instructions and a few ground rules.

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  • MNC DoverMNC Dover Full-time Voice Actor Kirkland, WARegistered User regular
    The wife and I just had a baby, but I'd like to join. My availability would make real-time games tough so things like Hero Academy, Ascension, or Star Realms would be best.

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  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    I am interested, yes. Depends on the games and time commitments though. ID: kime#1822
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  • JacobyJacoby OHHHHH IT’S A SNAKE Creature - SnakeRegistered User regular
    The great thing is we could just do whatever games we want, and just add new games as more people join up. The site will make separate ratings for each game (after 5 matches). Whatever games work for you are fine.

    As for time commitments, the ranking algorithm does drop your ranking if you haven't played regularly. However, it seems like "regularly" depends on the group settings (and maybe the group average? I'm not sure). I'll set it to be fairly infrequent (something like "1-2 games per player every month"). (I think if people generally play more often, the algorithm can keep up.)

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  • JacobyJacoby OHHHHH IT’S A SNAKE Creature - SnakeRegistered User regular
    What do you think about calling the league "OLYMPVS" (like the arcade they tried to make in the comic)? My only other naming idea is "Penny Arcade Universal League" or PAUL. :?

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