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[Heavy Gear Assualt] Still Alive and going into esports

MartinFG9MartinFG9 Registered User regular
Rather surprised to see an e-mail from them the other day. Seems they are going into eSports and have gotten 2 Million dollars to do so.

All the info HERE!
Hey Gearheads,

Big updates are coming to Heavy Gear Assault. As alluded to in our last update HGA Focuses on eSports Optimization.

Today our publisher Stompy Bot Productions has announced a $2 million dollar financing which helps springboard Heavy Gear Assault into full release mode in 2016.

This financing will see further expansion and development of HGA on all aspects important to our community.

Our core focus over the next few months is on meta, threat, objectives, and league play. All core components of our eSports module.

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