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[pbp]Shadowrun - Bump in the Night



  • BrodyBrody The Watch The First ShoreRegistered User regular
    Egos wrote: »
    Brody wrote: »
    I'm still at the bar.

    Is Dumah with us? I've been a bit uncertain where she's been during all this. I assumed the van....

    I've assumed she is in the bar. Whether she is with the cool kids at the bar proper, or hiding in a corner is not clear.

    "The shore does not dream of you." - Blind poet Gallan.
  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    @Maclay , is the group fully aware of who you are affiliated with or do we just know that you have some shady dealings/criminal associates? I assumed the latter, but am double checking.

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    I think Tantrum isn't likely to go around blabbing all the details, bad for business and all. Hopefully what she has conveyed would be enough to lead a reasonably intelligent individual to conclude that she has ties to organized crime specifically. If someone knew about the major players and put some thought into it, they would have reasonably good odds on guessing who. She may have let slip a few details in earlier not-role-played discussions if that helps.

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Registered User regular
    I had sort of figured I was propped up next to tantrum with sunglasses on, as though a bit tipsy while in VR. When I started wiresharking, using the snoop command, I moved back into AR so I should be able to act normal-ish.

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    "So. We doing something? We bailing? Or are we just going to stand around with our thumbs up our asses?"

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    As of right now the only person doing anything is @JohnnyCache trying to hack the device in the backroom.

  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    I was waiting on someone to reply to my characters question on how they could have been detected... But guess can move forward as if my dude was ignored

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Registered User regular
    I'm really more just listening to it. Hack is such an ugly word.

    I think we're all kind of wondering if the guy what walked out of the back is going to do something or if he's mollified

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    He's just kinda looking around right now.

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    Breach continues to drink at the bar with the others. He suddenly perks up and says, "I'm going to go and see the checkpoint itself. Who wants to roll with me?"

    I'm going to assume there is some sort of office or station at the border? Breach wants to mosey on over and get a closer look at the checkpoint and maybe find a bored looking officer who wants to talk.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    @Steelhawk and anyone joining him - After paying your bill and leaving the bar, you approach the checkpoint. There are a few vehicle lanes in the center, flanked on either side by pedestrian lanes. Each lane begins to seperate about 20 meters from the first fence line. The foot lanes have small booths at the first fence layer, while the vehicle lanes run past slightly larger buildings in the middle of the no man's land. You can see a smallish building with the Lone Star logo on top, sitting not far behind the checkpoint on the other side.

    After watching for a few minutes, you see a group of guards walking up front. They begin to perform a shift change with some of the pedestrian monitors and one of the vehicle monitors.

    Trying to ID a particularly bored guard is a Perception check, with +2 due to your background.

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 10d6t5 for Percepting

    10d6t5 6 [10d6t5=5, 5, 3, 5, 6, 3, 3, 5, 5, 1]

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Blah, thought I got to this - sorry, very busy weekend.

    @Steelhawk -
    You easily spot a guard walking up to one of the pedestrian lanes with the gait of someone who doesn't want to be where he is.

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    Breach heads over and intercepts the guard before he gets too close to the lane. "Hoi, chummer. You got a minute? Sure you do, lets talk. No, no...don't worry about me. I'm one of you...well, I used to be anyway. Worked up in Seattle for more of my career. I want to talk to you about a proposition I have..."

    Breach goes on to explain the situation they're in, dancing like a Russian circus bear in a conga line around the truth, identities and location, and that they need a quiet way in and out of the Barren's that won't ping any official records. I'm sure we can help make this month's rent payment, and all that...

    Geth, roll 9d6t5 for Negotiation

    9d6t5 4 [9d6t5=1, 3, 3, 5, 4, 6, 3, 6, 6]

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    You know from your time with Knight Errant that there's a few kinds of officers who walk like that around a Barrens. There's the bright eyed rookie who doesn't comprehend some of the dangers of the job, or the venerable soldier a week from retirement who's just counting the minutes.

    Unfortunately, you seem to have picked one of the more dangerous kinds - the bored and curious.

    "Seattle? That means you're a Pawn, and I don't truck much with you lot. Now beat it, before I..."

    He pauses mid sentence, and then develops a slow Cheshire Cat grin. "...before I have a marvelous idea. You want in on the stealth train? Ok then. We're going to play a game. The simplest game of all, really. Truth or Dare. What'll it be, Pawn?"

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    Suddenly wary, Breach is on his guard but is willing to play along. "I don't much truck with them either, anymore. I don't have a lot of time for games when there's creds involved...and if this game turns out to be a pile of drek, then I'm gone. But sure, lets play...Dare."

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    The officer nods. "About a week ago there was a reported abduction - Shinji Ogawa, 23. Last reports were that he was taken into Oakland by a group of Ancients. We have a rough idea where he is, and have enough other things on our plate that he's not high priority at the moment. Still a kid where he shouldn't be. You get in there, find him and get him to me. You can do whatever it was you need to do in there in the meantime, and no-one will be the wiser. Meanwhile I get a nice shiny star on my record, and a kid walks free. Everybody wins, ne?"

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    "I might be able to handle that." Breach replies, hoping that the rest of the crew has their ears on and caught that exchange. "Give a second to run it past my crew. I'll be right back..."

    Breach walks a few steps away and relays the information to the rest of team, "Its not a bad deal. We find some kid, do what we do, and get out. Should I say yes?"

    I think we should say yes...the tour is too expensive. Halona is expensive and seems to have an agenda. This cop also has an agenda, but at least was upfront about it.

  • BrodyBrody The Watch The First ShoreRegistered User regular
    "Shit, it may look it less awkward if we are trying to extract a person if we are extracting a person they are expecting. Sounds great to me."

    "The shore does not dream of you." - Blind poet Gallan.
  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    "Yeah, fine, whatever."

  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    "Bleh , this kinda shit is why I wanted to go by boat.... anyway, yeah whatever."

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Registered User regular
    "It would be a shame if we accidentally did some good in the process of pursuing our agenda, but I guess I'm for it," Dumah says, in a tone of cheerful sarcasm.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Seeing unanimous consent...

    The Star officer grins. "I had a good feeling about you, Pawn."

    He briefly checks his commlink. "I can get you in in...three days. You need to be at the following spot at 7:30 P.M. On. The. Dot." Breach gets a ping to a spot about 200 meters northeast of the checkpoint, along the fence line.

    "There will be a spot to stow your ride, unless it's a limo or something silly big. Once you're in, you got 12 hours to find the kid, or positive proof that he's dead, as well as do whatever it is you came here to do. Once the time is up, you hustle back to the same spot. You get let out, and everyone walks away happy. If the plan needs to change between now and when you get in, you ring this code. Keep it discreet and vague; you know the drill."

    He looks over his shoulder at another Star coming down towards the two of you. He shouts in your face, "I don't care WHAT kanashi story you have cooked. Pass says no, so you gotta GO!" With the final word, he grabs you by your lapel, winks at you, then shoves you away.

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    12 hours is a bit of tighter deadline than I was hoping for, but cool. Checking the map, how far is Funranium from where the kid went missing?

    Can we send a spirit or drone over the wall today to get a better visual of Funranium's location so that we do come back for the run we've got that much more intel on the surrounding? Gang turf? Ghouls? Bug Spirits? These things would be nice to know.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    There's about a mile and a half between both locations. You can try to get a drone/spirit over the fence line if you want to, but you'd have to evade the sentries.

    You can roll an SF knowledge check to see if you know about anything as large scale as bug spirits going on in Oakland.

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    Well, I don't want to push anyone into continuing a game they've lost interest in, but I may as well give things a little nudge and see what happens.

    Tantrum gets bored and decides she's done for the evening. If any of the others decide to stick around, she calls a cab. Heading home, she pretty much falls straight into bed and the next morning she feels however the dice think she feels.

    Geth roll 8d6t5 for Insomnia
    Geth roll 1d6 for Trying something out

    8d6t5 3 [8d6t5=2, 1, 6, 6, 2, 2, 6, 1]
    Trying something out:
    1d6 4 [1d6=4]

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    @Maclay -

    You decide that you need to try and sleep if you're meeting up with Johnny tomorrow.

    You actually manage to grab a few hours, but for some odd reason you wake up with a jumpy energy.

  • SteelhawkSteelhawk Registered User regular
    Breach decides to head home too, waiting patiently for the Frost express to take him home. When the time is right, Breach will make his was back to the precise spot, 200 meters from the checkpoint, that was arranged.

    Maybe its time to spend some karma and buy some gear?

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Registered User regular

    We could get segways

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    Despite only setting up the meeting yesterday, it feels like months ago. Tantrum spends a big chunk of the morning just trying to focus her thoughts on the events of the past week. It's difficult, she feels like she can't sit still. She hopes she can remember all the things that only yesterday felt so very important to ask about.
    @Farangu Does she recognize the location of the meeting as somewhere she's been before? Also, there was mention a while back about doing stuff like this via PM. Is that a thing you would like to do? I am fine either way.
    Additionally, just so it's written down somewhere, I believe I do not regain my singular Edge point due to Insomnia.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    @Maclay You don't recognize the meet location, as a matter of fact it's just a random GPS coordinate. We can do this here.

    You head for the location that Ray sent to you, at the time given. It is literally the middle of the sidewalk on a street in Richmond. You stand there for a minute, idly thinking of all the things you would do to Ray for wasting your time like this, when a limo pulls in front of you. The rear window opens, and you see Johnny's face appear.

    "Hop in, my lovely," he says to you.

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    Hauling her bulky form clumsily into the waiting vehicle Tantrum glances around the interior and tries to get herself comfortably seated. Presumably only people he trusts in the limo? "We goin' anywhere or just drivin' around? Whatever."
    Spoilers? Spoilers.
    "So this guy Havisham is apparently some kinda big deal and Ray thinks he's okay, but I don't know how he got my name and I've already had run-ins with both the Orphans and the Koshari as a result. So give it to me straight doc, exactly how fucked am I?"

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    @Maclay Johnny listens intently as you begin to speak nervously. Once you finish, he begins to respond.

    "Honestly, I don't know much about Havisham right now. He's kinda been an urban legend to runners, from what I've heard. I'll look into him with some of the capos who've been around since the dinosaurs. As for your gang run-ins, I wouldn't worry a whole lot. I tried to not send you on jobs involving rival gangs for a reason. Ray gets a little excitable around other gangs, but he doesn't know a whole lot of the bigger picture. He's just worried for you, since you can't really do it yourself. So long as you don't go running around announcing that you're with the Family, you should be fine. Take some extra caution around the Koshari, though: they like to play the long game, and don't like it when they don't get what they want."

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    Tantrum visibly relaxes before moving on. "Okay. Awesome. I could pull out my Tara SIN if you thought it was worth separating things. I'd need to arrange licenses though... Eh, it's probably fine.

    "So. Gotta go do a thing in Oakland. Don't know shit about Oakland. You got anything on the major players? Points of interest and places to avoid? Been wondering bout how good an ID folk need to come an go unperturbed as well."
    She tilts her head to one side, deep in thought "Wouldn't mind a Plan C. You know anyone who could hook us up with an exfil by boat?"

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    @Maclay He tilts a sly smile towards you. "Oakland? Someone's slumming it."

    His face turns mildly pensive. "Oakland used to be the big battleground on bringing Tempo into the city during the scare earlier this decade. The two big importers were the Koshari and the Ancients. Tempo might have gone away, but those two still run Oakland. Most organized outfits try to stay away; they don't want to hobnob the the disadvantaged gaijin.

    As for geography, the Koshari have themselves a little base off of Lake Merritt, which is - not coincidentally - the easiest way out by water. Once out in the bay, you could take small tributaries up to Sacramento, so it's a popular smuggling route. The Ancients can be found wherever, but I hear that one of their favorite pastimes is driving all over the Mountain View cemetary with their bikes."

    He thinks on your last request. "I might know of someone who could potentially pick you up on the far south end, but that's gettin real close to the airfield. The corps run that place right and don't like anyone getting too close. I'll let you know what their fee is."

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    @Farangu Tantrum notes down the key points as her cousin speaks, nodding occasionally, repeating a word or two out loud. "That's great man, all great. Last thing. If anyone hears or knows anything about a magical sucker called Cabra, it'd be really cool if I heard about it." A half smile. "I know a couple dudes who'd particularly appreciate the opportunity to put a bunch of little chunks of metal through him.

    Leaning back some, Tantrum loosens up. "So what's going on on your side of the fancy wooden desk?"
    At this point, if Johnny doesn't have anything pressing to share, it probably turns to small-talk and awkward silences. She'll share the details with everyone at the next opportunity.
    Otherwise, once she gets dropped off she'll probably go work out for a while then try to chill at home for a bit.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    @Maclay - Johnny takes note of Cabra's name. He looks like he wants to ask you about it, but decides against it, and files the name away before facing you again.

    "Not too much - my desk ain't that fancy yet. I still mostly run street-level ops for the fam. The major ways up the ladder involve stuff I'm not real eager to do right now, so...but it's fine! I enjoy where I'm at right now."

    His face turns inquisitive. "How about you? We haven't really needed you lately; it's been a little while since we talked. You holding up ok?"

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    @Farangu "Haven't gotten a good night's rest in at least a week. Definitely get the feeling everything's about to go to shit. Trying to be a fucking 'Team Player' but you know me, I'm either doing my own shit or doing what I'm told. It's a distraction at least. Hopefully won't screw over anyone don't deserve it."

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    He smiles. "I think that's about the most that can be asked of anyone, really."

    The smile disappears. "Still no sign of Angie. I just wanted you to know I'm still looking."

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    "She always was good at hiding." Tantrum turns away and looks out the window, the veneer of brutishness breaking away for a moment. "and hey, what better place to hide than an urban wasteland? Ain't got high expectations. Just got to keep walking forward, punching what all gets in my way."

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