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tvethiopiatvethiopia Registered User regular
edited December 2015 in PAX General Discussion



Alright y'all, you've got one more chance: the deadline to sign up has been extended to DECEMBER 20th!

This will also push back the date your gifts must be received by to January 20th. In addition, I still solemnly vow to send a nice card in the mail to anyone who signs up if the minimum threshold of 10 participants is not met. So get on it, folks!!! Last chance!

Who the hell are you?
Oh hai, I'm Kate. Since the indomitable SmallLady was not able to organize a gift exchange this year, I figured why not give it a whirl?

Um... you do know it's December already, right? It's so late!
I know, right?!?! Better hurry up then, slowpokes! This year is the BOBCAT RACE because there is very little time left to do this thing. Here are some of the basic rules for making this work:

No exceptions, no excuses. The sign up deadline is one week from tomorrow EXTENDED (since it's late in the day, I'll be kind), that's DECEMBER 12TH 2015 DECEMBER 20TH 2015. Your form must be submitted AND your letter posted to the forum by the stroke of midnight (EST) on December 12th December 20th or you will not be permitted to participate in this gift exchange. Sign up form is HERE, but please remember you MUST also post a letter of your greatest hopes and dreams here in this forum for your signup to be valid!!!

This gift exchange will only proceed if we reach a minimum of 10 participants properly signed up by the December 12th December 20th deadline. If this number is not reached, I will send a very nice generic holiday card to those few who did sign up, then destroy their personal information.

Giving a little extra leeway here because postal services are notoriously unreliable this time of year, NOT because you have a lot of time to laze about thinking of what you might like to send your giftee. This is not secret santa. THIS IS BOBCAT RACE. That means HURRY IT UP, BUB.

If you have not previously participated in a PAX Secret Bobcats gift exchange, please see the rules and procedures previously established by the most venerated SmallLady:
(text is stolen from her 2013 post, with dates and contact info updated)

It's that time of year again, when we all put our minds to community and gift giving.

Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked to buy that person a gift. As a recipient, you will write a letter of things you like and do not like to The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky.

WTF Bobcats??


The theme this year is to add a touch of weirdness to everyone's lives..
(yes, the theme is exactly the same as last year, because IT WASN'T WEIRD ENOUGH LAST YEAR GUYS. DO BETTER)

Who can Sign up?
Anybody who has a forum account that was created on or before Aug 1st 2015 and has a minimum of 15 substantive posts. However, if you feel you should get special consideration outside of these rules, feel free to PM me (@tvethiopia). But the decision will be mine in the end.


•If you do not send a present. Your forum account will be banned.
- There is no exception for this. If you can’t afford to send somebody a present. Don’t sign up.
•Pairings will be Random. I’ll try to make sure people don’t get the same gifters/giftees as last year, but no promises.
•Recommended Gift Value is $20. Feel free to spend as much as you want, however, don’t be that jerk that sends somebody a $1 sheet of spider stickers........That's not cool
•This thread is FOR LETTERS TO TUBE AND PICTURES OF BOBCATS ONLY. (also acceptable is fan art of The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky)

•Screw your family, screw your friends, screw your significant other (not the good kind of screwing), and buy your gift for your Giftee FIRST, because you’re going to have to mail the fucking thing.
•Get your present to your Giftee BY Jan 10th. Anytime after that and your risking not being invited back to the gift exchange and/or me sending Moe after you.
•If your gift is going to be arriving after Jan 10th. PM me. Your excuse better be AMAZING.
•Don’t tell me your gift got lost. Pay for tracking.

•When your present arrives, you MUST post on the forums letting everyone know what you got and how amazing it is and thank your Gifter. Failure to comply will result in not being invited back next year.
•Pictures and thank you posts are MANDATORY.
•Open and post about your gift as soon as you receive it. Otherwise tracking you all gets far too difficult.



Step 1: Write a letter to The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky, expressing all of your hopes and desires and things you really don't like.
If your letter sucks, or doesn't say much, your gift giver has my permission to get you a justin beiber toothbrush or a rubber poo.
Step 2: Clicky Here and fill out this form. DO NOT PM ME THIS INFORMATION.

That’s it! You’re signed up!! HOWEVER, if you fail at either of these two steps, I will not add you to the spreadsheet and I won’t go chasing people down.

Deadbeat Gifters
Ok, so this is totally unnecessary because none of you are going to be a deadbeat Gifter. However, If you would like to volunteer to be somebody who is willing to send a gift to somebody who got shafted, please PM me. If you sign up, you are 100% allowed to change your mind later and you don’t have to participate in the gift exchange to do it.


* I reserve the right to change the rules after I've posted them in case I've forgotten something important.

<3 Daintier. Smarter. Better dressed. <3
tvethiopia on


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I would suggest extending the gifting window (and maybe signup window depending on participation level) a bit since it's a bit later in the season this year :) Other than that, thanks for setting this up! It doesn't need to be right at the december holidays to be effective :D

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Dear Great Cardboard Tube in the sky,

    I hope this letter finds you well, I was a little worried about you this year because I hadn't seen any signs of you, but here you are, ready to hear how great I've been and for you to shower me with the bestest of the bestest gifts that a trip to coin star could buy!

    So long story short, I've been great. Umm, gifts now?

    1. Chickens. Yes, chickens. I like to look at them, they crack me up! I got a chicken tee shirt and the best knitted chicken mittens last year so any other chicken type of accessory would work.

    2. I'm also an avid gardener. I'm always looking for unique seeds to plant, I'm located in the Northeast, which is Zone 6, so maybe some fava beans with a nice chianti, hold the liver please.

    3. I’m HUGE fan of the movie Oblivion…so any swag from there, like the art book they had out a few years back…its not really a book book but I really like the art from it. I already have the dvd and sound track, so any art would be awesome.

    I'm really a fan of sci-fi in general, so don't feel limited to Oblivion. Some of the tops are X-files, Torchwood, Star Wars.


    5. Jigsaw puzzles, I love to put all the little pieces together, and slowly see the picture come in to focus. It's just good old low tech fun!

    6. And last, but definitely not least...I love, love, love dancing games! I just scored two awesome metal dance pads for my PS2 along with Supernova (1) and DDR Extreme (1) basically anything to add to my beer gut busting arsenal would be appreciated.

    Now…on to the things that I don’t like:

    1. Nicknacks. Not now, not ever.

    2. Non-useful items. I like to have an item serve some purpose and not just have it to have it, I know thats a lot to ask but I would prefer that its something that I can actually use, i.e. Cool bottle openers,
    Chicken pot holders, Star Wars lunch bag, beeeeeer...see I'm really not hard to please. So be creative, think out side of the box! Suprise me.

    Thanks for reading my letter, I hope you have a happy Tube Day!


  • RILMSRILMS Darwell, ABRegistered User regular
    Dear Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky,

    I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am writing you as I have been a very good boy this year and as promised, I look forward to being showered with rewards.

    First off, as you know, I love getting patches from new places (or even old places with newly designed patches).

    Sci-Fi is always a good bet to keep my interest in things.

    Collecting interesting coins is something I have been working on...I love displaying them all over my apartment.

    Card/Board games are always fun times.

    I am sure you will find something grand for me oh Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky.

    Your humble servant,



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  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    I am sorry I missed the deadline. As it looks like the minimum participants was not met,I won't bother to post my wish list yet(that is the part I hate doing so I always put it off to the last second(or later)). Still, if this goes ahead, I filled out the form and would love to give.

  • tvethiopiatvethiopia Registered User regular
    Ok folks, giving this one more chance: deadline has been extended to December 20th! Tell your friends!

    <3 Daintier. Smarter. Better dressed. <3
  • tvethiopiatvethiopia Registered User regular
    sadly, it looks like we will not be going forward with the gift exchange this year. however, those few of you who did submit the form with all your mailing info, you WILL be receiving a little thank you in the mail from me!

    <3 Daintier. Smarter. Better dressed. <3
  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    That's to bad, I was hoping to do the exchange again. Last year was my first every exchange like this and I had a really fun time...not to mention my gifter last year hit the mark! It makes me smile everytime look at the little chick in my window.

    @tvethiopia thanks for working on this, even though it didn't go forward I want you to know I appreciate you working on it.

  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    Oh well, I was looking forward to this again. Well, there is always next year.

  • purevalpureval Registered User regular
    Would have signed up if things were going a little better for me. Hopefully next year. @tvethiopia I would be glad to offer some tips about running one of these if you like, I run the Pinny version.

  • ironysparklesironysparkles Lowell, MARegistered User regular
    I'm in the same boat, that I really wanted to do the exchange but money is tight right now with moving. Hope to participate next year!

  • RILMSRILMS Darwell, ABRegistered User regular
    @tvethiopia Thank you for taking the lead on this :)


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