Keeping track of resolutions

minirhyderminirhyder BerlinRegistered User regular
So I'm going to set some goals for myself to reach over the next year. Let's call them...New Year's Resolutions, if you will.

I'd like a physical product that lets me see my progress on a regular basis and makes it rewarding (checking something off, putting something in a jar, etc.).

I don't want an app or a digital thing because I know I'll ignore it. It needs to be a physical object that's somewhere in my apartment that I'm forced to look at on a daily basis, and ideally lets me interact with it when I get closer to achieving my goals.

Does a thing like this exist?


  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion The Land of Flowers (and Dragons)Registered User regular
    A small sized whiteboard/corkboard combo?

  • LailLail Surrey, B.C.Registered User regular
    Last year I wrote a list on a piece of paper and tacked it to the wall above my dresser. It doesn't look great, but I see it every morning when I'm getting ready. Being reminded of my goals at the start of the day helped keep them in my mind as the day went on.

    It's not "interactive", but it's simple and it works.

  • twmjrtwmjr Registered User regular
    Enc wrote: »
    A small sized whiteboard/corkboard combo?

    I like the cork board idea -- combine it with a jar and you can take the resolutions down as you complete them and fill the jar up. You'll get the reminder of being able to see them and also the perk of watching the jar fill up as you complete them.

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