Slashin' for iOS (Coming soon on Android)

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Hi everyone. I wanted to show you all my game:

Here is the gameplay trailer:

Become a hero in the world full of monsters and loot. Join the quest to rescue the princess kidnapped by a dragon! Sounds familiar? You will be surprised by why its not! Enjoy hacknslash gameplay where your playing skills are just as important as character development.

Main features:
*Large, procedurally generated world:
Long hours of engaging gameplay guaranteed. With almost 100 unique locations, 90 monster types, 5 bosses and several randomly generated mini-bosses you certainly won't be bored.

*Diversity in gameplay:
Follow the exciting storyline, try yourself in the PVP arena or dive into the infinite dungeon for old-school crawler experience.

*Rich character customisation:
Choose between 6 playable races and 3 classes. Pick from 36 powerful skills and define your unique appearance in the character editor!

*Infinite loot possibilities:
57 basic items of various quality, enchantment level and magical property give the player literally endless possibilities of gathering wearable items. But thats not all! There are also 35 mythical items with unique properties waiting for you to discover. Are you lucky enough to find them?

*Online features:

-Try yourself in real-time duels on PvP arena.
-Trade with other players in the online item shop.-Send gift items to your friends.-Manyleaderboards let you measure yourself both in single player and PvP.
*And even more!

-Lots of miscellaneous items like potions, food or scrolls.
-In-game shops and gambling.
-Stash shared between your characters.
-Game controller support.
-Replays recording!

Slashin' site
Fan page:

Feel free to ask questions, and post feedback about the game.


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