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Need Image comic friends!

MrAmatoMrAmato Registered User new member
What's up guys and girls. My name is Michael and I read a lot of image comics. None of my friends read comics. So that's what I turn to this fourm. If there is a teamspeak that I can join or just a group of people I can talk to, that would be very much appreciated!


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    Bobby DerieBobby Derie Registered User regular
    I think the last indie comic thread died early last year, but if you want to start up a new Image comics thread or three, you'll probably find some like-minded folks. Although currently I'm mainly waiting for the next Prophet vehicle.

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    AnarCHrisAnarCHris Trash Lord New York CityRegistered User regular
    I pull WicDiv, Saga, Sex Crimz, Phonogram, Bitch Planet, The Godamned and a few others. You have my ear.

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