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Wood stove smoke reminds me of Zelda 1

harvestharvest By birthright,a stupendous badass.Registered User regular
Sense memory is super interesting.

Right now I'm sick with flu and bundled up. A waft of wood smoke from a neighbor's woodstove found its way inside and transported me back to my childhood. Still sick and bundled, I couldn't have been more than 7, maybe 8 years old. My parents had bought us a NES for Christmas but my dad wasn't very good at platformers so he grabbed Zelda 1 and I watched him play it for a long time in the basement next to our wood stove, keeping everything cozy. Something about that combination of warmth, the smell of smoke, and the closeness of the blankets around me has created a memory so strong that whenever I get a whiff of that smoke it unlocks that part of my memory and I'm flooded with the feelings of that time. It feels so real, like I really am that little kid again, exhausted from sickness but bright-eyed with wonder at the world on the screen.

Taking time to think about this makes me feel like maybe the reason I love Zelda 1 so much isn't just because of the game, but a combination of it and these other memories juxtaposed. Trying to grab onto that moment has made me feel pretty emotional. The memory of a thing I truly came to love is awesome.

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