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Penny Arcade - Comic - Martin Randau



  • FabioleanFabiolean Registered User regular

    darleysamCaulk Bite 6
  • trident042trident042 Registered User regular
    edited January 2016
    Sorry strip!Tycho, but that wisdom don't math out. Sure, it's easy to relate to the idea if you're a solo online player, but in the strip Tycho and Gabe game together.
    In a world where P = the number of participants in your private chat,
    and G = the number of participants in your online game mode of choice,
    and Pg = the subsection of P who also comprise parts of G,
    then if Pg/G >= 1/2, then members of group P cannot be considered any kind of "rando".
    You're the home team, and should be respected as such by any others joining "your" game.

    trident042 on
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  • MichaelLCMichaelLC In what furnace was thy brain? ChicagoRegistered User regular
    What are you, some kind of Alrando Turing?

    "Never believe management about anything anywhere." -Aistan
  • ColdbrandColdbrand Registered User regular
    Every other comic must be a Destiny comic.

  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Coldbrand wrote: »
    Every other comic must be a Destiny comic.

    And people must complain about it regardless of whether you need to know anything about Destiny to get the joke.

    bowen wrote: »
    The bacteria in your poop exist everywhere.
    Caulk Bite 6Leon2309JusticeforPlutodarleysamKamar
  • HelicaonHelicaon Registered User regular
    Rho wrote: »
    I'm sure it's because I'm an idiot, but I don't really get Gabe's last bubble. I think he's insulting the rando viciously, but it could be read as a reply to Tycho's statement that we are all randos. Also, if he is insulting the rando, I can't really reverse engineer the whole insult.

    I was imagining farmville had got a lot more competitive and vicious since I cured myself of playing it...

    Caulk Bite 6
  • DrogeistDrogeist Registered User regular
    Eastman, he came out of the East to do battle with THE AMAZING RANDO

    Logged in for this!

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