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Namesake's a really good [webcomic], you guys!

ElaroElaro ApologeticRegistered User regular

Namesake! It's about a girl! Who's actually a woman! And her sister! And they go on adventures through the worlds that are described in fairy tales! It's bitchin'!


Cucumber Quest! It's about rabbit-people in a fairy tale! Or is it an RPG? Anyway, it's bitchin'!


Fox Sister! It's a magical realism fairy tale thing that takes place in Korea! Bet you've forgotten about this one, yeah? It's... actually bitchin', and there's a fox spirit in there!

Dumbing of Age

Nobody likes to talk about this webcomic.


Oh HELL no.


Pretty bitchin'!


Gunnerkrigg Court! It's a magical realism thing! It's awesome! Like the fox sister, there's a fox spirit in it! Pretty bitchin'! Or should I say, pretty vixen'?

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