Help with a finicky / specific AMD card issue?

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...Okay, I don't expect much in terms of answers here, but:

I run a 7970M AMD card as a GPU. Yes, it's older, but (for now) it's been happy to keep up with whatever demand I've had for it.

Well, until now. And I'm just completely dumbfounded about what the issue is.

I've been playing a 2D space shooter game called Starsector. It is not a graphical monster by any stretch of the imagination. It runs in Java & OpenGL, if that's relevant. My 7970M just will not bring it's power to bear when I use to run the game, and as a result the frame rate just tanks to about 20-15 FPS during substantial fights. Out of frustration, I finally disabled some of the game's special shaders so I could try using my 'Intel HD' integrated garbage graphics chip, and when using this much less powerful GPU even the largest fleet actions do not drop below 60 FPS (the game's maximum).

I've tested the AMD card with other games to see if maybe she's started to kick the bucked or something, and... nope. Still runs Fallout 4 just fine (albeit on lower graphics settings, but that's par for course), runs HW2 remastered just fine, KSP, XCOM, etc.

For some damn reason it just doesn't want to give more than about 15%~ power to Starsector. I have no idea why, and no clue where to even start troubleshooting the issue.

Has anyone else had this problem with an AMD card before? If so, was there a quick fix?

(Oh, and before anyone asks - yes, I have updated all of my drivers, yes I am running the latest version of Java).

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    From a quick look on the games official forum some people are reporting bad performance with cards that should give great performance without even trying - and there are lots of theories as to why with fingers pointed in all sorts of direction. Some theorize AMD's OpenGL support, but others think it's a CPU issue or an OS one.

    I think you're best shoot is to take a good look on the official game forum @

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