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Looking For Group!!

SelfieWithsatan SelfieWithsatan Registered User new member
edited January 2016 in PAX South
Hi everyone, this is my first convention(PAX SOUTH). All of my friends bailed on me last second so i currently have no one to hang out with. If anyone is willing to include me that would be great!! P.S i'm almost 18 if that matters to anyone.
EDIT: Only Going Saturday as well!

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  • gioman97gioman97 Houston,TXRegistered User regular
    Hey man i will hang out with you check your PM i will send you my contact details :biggrin:

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  • DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    I'm going to try to put together a game Saturday for a big group of random people, something like pictionary or something similarly easy to pick up and play. I'll let you know what's up. If you see the sign me guy, come sign me.

  • StinkyTurdStinkyTurd Registered User regular
    A bunch of us are going to dinner on Saturday at 5pm if you'd like to join us :) but yea I'm going alone this year to just bring a 3ds if you have one or go to the tabletop or free play areas you'll have no trouble at all finding people to play with or just start talking to people in line believe me most everyone here is friendly :)

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