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[iOS][Android] BioBeasts - Arcade Inspired Action Game

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
BioBeasts - Escape! Mutate! Destroy!


Hello! I've been a PA forum member since 2007, mostly lurking and occasionally darting in to offer some award-winning insight like "good comic!" but now I can finally add something more substantive to the conversation. Back when I first joined, I was living in a dreadful apartment in an even more dreadful town working on a PvP browser MMO that has been my life for the last few years, but browser and mobile devices dropping Flash like cyanide pancakes lead my team to begin development in earnest of a Unity game to release on mobile devices.

App Store Link

Play Store Link

BioBeasts a challenging new free single-player action game for Android and iOS! You are a powerful mutant beast battling through a terrifying laboratory run by merciless mechanical guards. Defend yourself against endless hordes of robots, lab defenses, and hulking bosses as you claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom! Unlock new beasts with unique powers, and upgrade potent mutations to experiment with for endless variety!

Our goal with BioBeasts was to create a game that was a counterpoint to the current trend in mobile games that hearkens back to a time when games focused on skill and reflexes. BioBeasts captures that classic feel of intense, old-school arcade games that could be understood in seconds, but took many weekends and pockets of quarters to master. With BioBeasts, there aren’t any obnoxious timers or energy systems or social gimmicks to interrupt or limit your play that have become so common in the mobile gaming generation. You can play as much as you want, whenever you want! Inspired by games like Fists of Fury and Nuclear Throne, we wanted to create the kind of mobile game that WE would want to play, and wouldn't be ashamed to share with our friends.

[img] screenshot beast select.jpg[/img]

Meet the Team

BioBeasts was created mainly by the EpicDuel Team, but nearly everyone at Artix Entertainment had a hand in the project, whether it was contributing artwork, Unity expertise, testing, or simply helping us spread awareness!

What Comes Next?

BioBeasts is live, but there’s still more to come! There are several features we hope to add to BioBeasts post-launch, and our Beta testers have done a great job offering up fresh ideas everyday in the tester G+ community. Here are some ideas we've heard from the community that we're considering for future BioBeasts updates:
  • NEW Beasts
  • NEW Mutations
  • NEW Enemy Types
  • Beast Challenges
  • Beast Upgrades
  • Endless Mode
  • Social Leaderboards


I hope you enjoy the game! It was a labor of love and a HUGE learning experience for 9+ months of our lives. I look forward to seeing your feedback!


  • DCAarmusDCAarmus Registered User regular

    Hello! DCAarmus here, artist for BioBeasts. The first major content update of BioBeasts is now LIVE for Android devices! It should be on iOS shortly, but we're still pending approval. After listening to the early feedback from players and implemented a number of features and changes to improve the fun factor, reduce the grind, and give players who've absolutely dominated the game a reason to continue playing! If you checked it out earlier, and it wasn't your cup of tea, please give us another shot and let us know what you think!

    Play Store Link

    App Store Link

    Changelog: 1.1.25

    • New Beast: Toxic Mantis
      • Beast Power - Build a combo to spawn eggs, then unleash them down every lane for maximum destruction!
    • New Mutations
      • Overload Blast - At Max Health: Hitting enemies launches ranged plasma, dealing damage.
      • Win Button - On Health Loss: Huge Cooldown reduction.
      • Wimp Shield - Increased invincibility time after taking damage
      • Nova Bomb - Killing an enemy with a Critical Hit creates a collapsing sun, slowing and damaging enemies.
    • Challenges
      • Complete mini-goals as you try to escape to increase your Challenge Rank.
      • Every time you increase your Rank, you’ll be rewarded with BioBits.
      • You’ll find new titles with higher Ranks. Good luck finding them all!

    • Later waves are now up to 30% shorter
    • Boss health reduced by 20%
    • Boss now tries to alternate between behaviors where you can deal damage, and behaviors where you cannot.
    • Many steps shortened or dropped from Tutorial
    • Can now tap anywhere to continue on Tutorial
    • [iOS] Attempted to fix Plink’s speed impediment by increasing text speed
    • Red damage indicator now lasts for the duration of invincibility after losing health
    • Large reduction to memory usage throughout the game
    • Adjusted Salamancer’s fireball hitbox to be more visually accurate
    • Updated loads of different interfaces
    • Cooldown no longer occurs during the "breakout" sequence to discourage waiting for it to recharge on certain beasts before starting wave 1

    [img] - 1.jpg[/img]

    • Starting health no longer counts towards health gain challenges
    • Trying to use a serum when unable no longer counts towards challenges
    • Attempt to fix iOS hang when restoring purchases
    • Overload Blast now correctly fires only when at max health
    • Fixed loading hang when selecting the new mutations between waves
    • Fixed compression settings on several new assets

    Coming Up Next!
    With this first major update released, we're gearing up for survival mode, leaderboards, platform-based achievements, cloud save, and more!

  • DCAarmusDCAarmus Registered User regular

    We're pleased to announce that version 1.1.27 of BioBeasts is officially live on iOS and Android! This update is packed with new content and features, including a new beast, survival mode, and leaderboards! My colleague explains and demonstrations the highlights of the update in the brief video below:

    If you haven't tried BioBeasts yet, or tried it in the past and decided "meh" or "bleh" or "blllllleeeeeeearrrgh" then this might be the update that wins you over! Maybe not if you "blllllleeeeeeearrrgh"-ed.

    Download for Android

    Download for iOS

    Changelog: 1.1.27

    New Beast: Carnax Jr.
    A mythical being trapped in a world dominated by cold science, Carnax Jr. possesses many wonderful abilities to ruin the day of many an unsuspecting security drone. Stop the bots around you in time using a Stasis field, then blast them down with powerful Chaos Beams!


    Survival Mode
    • The ultimate test of your skills!
    • Unlocked by escaping on Hard
    • Unlimited waves!
    • Gain up to 10 Mutations!
    • Encounter hazards not seen in other modes!


    Beast Leaderboards!
    • See where you stand with your favorite beast!
    • Compete against your friends and the rest of the world!
    • Google Play & Apple Game Center integration


      Other features
      • Serums can be purchased during an escape when you have 0 left
      • Challenges may be replaced for 100 BioBits (stars are not awarded)


      Bugs Fixed
      • Loading hang the first time you see a shield from Hallowed Bastion or Bulwark
      • Loading hang the first time you see a Teleporter bot
      • Potential issues where challenge data would not be saved properly
      • Enemies chosen for boss fight not properly resetting between runs
      • Prevent wave from ending if beast has no health left
      • Fixes to loading and graphical errors on certain devices
      • Improved Bluetooth compatibility

      So far we've released several huge updates, but we still have many more refinements and features planned for the future including achievements, upgradeable beasts, cloud save, and more!

  • Chomp Chomp AppsChomp Chomp Apps Chomp Chomp Apps Registered User new member
    This looks amazing!

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