Photos and Video - South 2016 (nsf56k)

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Post your pictures and videos of the show here!

try to keep your posts tidy

Link directly to content when you can. I understand that many of you have your own websites and such and that's where you dump your photos; that's ok, but this isn't a place to advertise your website. Link directly to the photos or gallery or videos in question, not to articles that contain some media.


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    PirateTruckPirateTruck Registered User regular
    I have to share this story because this was the very first thing I experienced at my very first PAX. I wanted to make it to the Q&A Friday morning. To be safe that meant I also needed to go to the keynote since the room wasn't clearing out in between (turns out that wasn't necessary but that's okay). To make sure I got in to the keynote I got to the convention center at around 8:15. For some reason there was no one else around when I walked in. The only thing in front of me was a lone Robert Khoo. I walked up and asked if I could take a picture. I told him I'm not a fan of selfies, he agreed with that sentiment, but said I had to be in the picture as well. So then we started a quest to find someone to take a picture of us. There was STILL no one else around. We ended up walking all the way from the convention center entrance to the Main Theater Queue Hall just to find someone to take a picture. I told him I felt like I was inconveniencing him with each passing moment, but he insisted it was cool. So in the end I got a picture with Robert, feel guilty for how much trouble it took to get, but have an awesome memory of a great start to an amazing PAX.


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    CogliostroCogliostro Marginal Opinions Spring, TXRegistered User regular
    It was awesome get back in touch with my PAX roots. So many new people here. I hope to make it to PAXPrime so I can see you guys. It sucks that I spent most of my posting years in Alaska and unable to get down there for it when it all started.

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    DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    edited February 2016
    hey, so I was the "sign me" guy. I posted a whole bunch of shots of the final suit as well as some pictures of me messing around with the statues on the linked imgur album. If you have any photos of me you want added to the album, send them my way one way or another. Thanks to all who put something on me, I hope you had as much fun signing as I did getting signed. I'd love to have photos of other people signing me, I know a bunch of those were taken by others.


    DanQ on
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    CupcakeMiryaiCupcakeMiryai Registered User regular
    I only have Friday and Saturday, I keep forgetting to upload Sunday, but I posted them all on Imgur. So here's the links to the threads:

    Friday: http://imgur.com/gallery/E5WcY

    Saturday: http://imgur.com/gallery/islFp

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    NeoNeo Registered User regular
    A summary of my PAX South weekend: http://i.imgur.com/6HGDNhE.jpg


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