Cost of PAX South?

BombClancyBombClancy Sugar LadyRegistered User regular
Another convention I go to has a post convention cost thread where people post what they spend. This allows others to figure out ways to save money if possible for the next year.

I am pretty good at saving money where possible, but would be interested to see what others spent or any deals that they found. I was able to do south 2015 for about $300...South 2016 cost me about $600. I would love to know if anyone found or does something in advance to get a deal with a hotel/airline/restaurant.





what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!


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    BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    $253, ($760 Split 3 ways)

    Free* ($130)

    Flight + Uber:
    $270 + $30

    Seattle to San Antoio & Uber to/from airport ($25 one way, $5 split on the way back)

    Total out of my bank account: $553, total spent:


    I scheduled my flight last October and shared both Uber...I didn't really find any great deals on food though.

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
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    BailieBailie Registered User regular
    I stayed in the cheapest hotel I could find, it was like 60$ a night. The walls paper thin, but free breakfast that was waffles, cereal, and juice. I got my hotel through priceline. I ate cheap, like subway and snacks from Walmart. And I drove. I got like 45 mpg and gas is cheap right now.

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    RILMSRILMS North BayRegistered User regular
    0$ (Had an AirBnB and my friends paid for lodging if I paid for gas)


    Gas + Uber + Parking:
    40$ + 20$ + 11$

    100$ (more or less, I paid in cash and it was all a bit fuzzy)


    Total (more or less, I may be forgetting things): 461$

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    mayapplemayapple TennesseeRegistered User regular

    Hotel: Grand Hyatt corporate rate: 140ish after tax split 3 ways. (It was 300 dollars for room, pax badge, and byoc pass for thurs - mon)

    Food: We brought breakfast foods and snacks and of course I had a water bottle I filled all day long. Went to cvs day one and the liqour store. My share was around $25. For just me, I probably spent 30 a day otherwise on lunch, snacks, dinner, mid afternoon milkshake, yada yada.

    Transportation: Southwest sale $198 from nashville. Shared a cab from the airport both ways so lets estimate 20 bucks

    Merch: I dont buy a lot other than games. $ 40 mtg tournies, $65 new card games.

    so 300, 145, 220, 105 = $770 all in including tickets.


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    Desert LeviathanDesert Leviathan Registered User regular
    Hotel: $508 - five nights, $88/night, at the Best Western Sunset Suites Riverwalk. And one night, $68, at a hotel in Salt Lake, because my plane left earlier than the earliest public transportation could get me there.

    Transportation: $272.60 - $220 for American Airlines, round trip from Salt Lake to San Antonio, 1 hour layover in Phoenix both ways. $25x2 for baggage check there, and back. $1.30x2 for bus fare from the airport to downtown and back.

    Merch: $100 - One PAX shirt, one Lookouts hardcover, one Bit Brigade shirt, and a new dice set.

    Food: ~$250 - I ate TexMex or BBQ for every lunch and dinner, average check size was $25. My hotel had a really good free breakfast, though.

    Total: $1,130.60, roughly.

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    JusKFJusKF Registered User new member
    Hotel: $532 (114/night + tax, Fairfield Alamo Plaza)
    Transportation: $688 (RT Honolulu - San Antonio, American Airlines), ~$25 total in Lyft to and from San Antonio Airport, walked the entire trip. My legs have never felt better.
    Food: Ugh, I paid cash mostly and didn't keep receipts, so I'm gonna guess $120 ($30 x 4 days). Hotel breakfasts are great.
    Merch: $45, didn't buy much. A tabletop game, a booster pack for another tabletop game, and a mug. Spent maybe another $50 not at PAX on souvenirs with Texas flags to bring home for the family.

    Total: ~$1460

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