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Applications:Committee for the Official "Community" Pinny Arcade Pin

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Welcome Everyone!

For the past year, an Official "Community" Pinny Arcade Pin is something that has been tossed around many times. Unfortunately there is a lot more work involved in getting a pin created than just saying that we want to do it! In fact, there is a ton of work that will be involved! There are active discussions that have been going on, but if we actively want to make this a Community Pin, then we need to make sure that the Community is involved, especially in this next step. That's where you come in!

We are planning to form a formal committee of 8 to spearhead the pin. We will be voting in 2 people from each PAX to ensure all PAXen are covered. This committee is going to take a lot(and I mean A LOT) of work. It is going to be a massive time commitment before everything is said and done. What are the things that we will be discussing you might ask? Well let me tell you just a few of them!

*We will need to decide on a design. This/these will have to be approved by the community by vote, but the initial design ideas will come from the committee(or at least what is going to be voted on)
*We need a plan of action! If this is going to happen, we have to plan ever detail before presenting the idea. This includes design costs, pin planning/ideas, distribution/fundraising ideas, what kind of LLC we create(nonprofit or no?)....ect ect. This list is quite large, as there is a lot of leg work that needs to be done, especially since we don't want to mess this up! Do you want to see Khoo get annoyed with us because we weren't prepared? I think not!
*We will need to create an LLC to be able to get this pin made. We will vote in someone (who is on the panel and volunteers) to take on that responsibility and liability. This is NOTsomething to be take lightly.
*We need a point of contact for Khoo. As much as we will all love to see these ideas come to fruition, Khoo would not want to be dealing with more then 1, or potentially 2, people. This is an important job that will not be to be taken lightly. These 1-2 people will be voted in by the committee.

As I said before, there is a TON of work that will be done to get our first community pin, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to apply. As stated above, we will be taking 2 people from each PAX as the Committee Representatives for the pin, and they will be voted in by the community. I know I stressed above that this will take a lot of work, but that is just because everyone wants to have the best pin possible, and for this to go as smoothly as possible. I hope that everyone is as excited about this as I am! Also, even if you don't make the committee, there will be times when the committee will be having Town Halls to discuss what is going on. This IS a Community Pin after all, so even if you aren't on the committee, the community WILL be involved!

If you wish to apply to be a part of the Committee to be a part of creating the 1st Community Pinny Arcade Pin, then fill out the following google doc: . Applicants will be taken until midnight on February 14th(CST).

NOTE: The date has been updated to the 14th for the deadline to apply!!

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