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Houston Pinny Pal Meetup! >>Neil's Bahr, Fri 2/19, 7pm

RenfamousRenfamous Weeb, Unexceptional CosplayerHouston, TexasRegistered User regular
edited February 2016 in Pinny Arcade
Hello all!

Myself, Toasty, Afroge1sha and a few others are planning a February meetup to hang out, play board games and trade pins/fuku swag!

We're planning on meeting on Friday 2/19 at Neil's Bahr over in EaDo next to the soccer stadium. We'll probably arrive around 7, but will be there a while so feel free to show up later.

Neil's doesn't have a kitchen and is cool with outside food, so bring snacks, pins, fuku swag and games. Hope to see you there!

Renfamous on


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