[Android][FREE, multiplayer] WAR BOXES - new online action with LEGO tanks

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Hi everyone!

I’m Victoria from Game Mechanics indie company.

Let me show you our first mobile game, an online action with voxelized 3D tanks – WAR BOXES!
And your opinion is WELCOME! )

Short info:
- it’s free2Play online action game, team play 5x5, destroy the enemy base!
- Available for Android (4.0) in Google Play (please look for the link below);
- Fully destructible maps: no limits for your victory!
- About 50 types of tanks and other vehicles: ride the machine you really like!
- Nimble fingers: the most skillful player wins!
- Pick&Win: get the advantage on the battlefield picking up the bonuses!
- The funny moments: get your dose of slightly black humor!
- Fresh content: we are always adding something new into the game - new tanks, maps and other features;
- Enjoy the cubic graphics!
- Game Social Community: meet your teammates, find new friends and join the discussions. Stay in touch!

About the game:
It's a team vs team, skill vs skill game. You're tankman. Your vehicle is made of colorful voxelized bricks. Ooh, so bright! There is just one goal bring sweet revenge and preventive justice to the enemy and completely destroy their base. Everything on the city map is made of bright cubes, and you can smash every one of them. Destruction never ever been so fun! If you're cunning, you'd blow up the walls to make a new path. Or mine enemy's path, may be even ambush them in a vicious manner. City shatters as you move to your goal. How to reach it – your call, your luck and skills, soldier! Victory comes in many ways!

Google Play (available in Europe, will be released in USA soon): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sgs.warboxes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/war.boxes.eng/
Join us and have fun!
Feel free to contact me here or by email [email protected]

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  • IrinafairyIrinafairy Registered User new member
    like game

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  • monikazappermonikazapper the mouthless seaRegistered User regular
    Cool! This reminds me of the old Tank game on... Atari, I think?
    But to be honest, when I saw the first image, I immediately thought of Minecraft. Perhaps consider changing the background (into a city setting like the other images, for example)? Hope this feedback helps in preparation for your US release! :)

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