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Craziest Gaming Stories that Actually Happened



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    That reminds me of a story someone was telling about their old Star Wars group. The GM was having trouble because all of the players wanted to play ridiculous, twinked out Jedi who flipped out and killed anything that moved with their Lightsabers. To try and balance the party with some other useful skills and maybe get some actual RPing going and to advance the plot, he invited a friend that he knew was a good RPer, who loved making Han Solo-ish smuggler/pilot characters.

    The new guy performs as expected, coming in as the only character in the party with blaster or piloting skills, and they give him a bit of a bonus to catch up. He has a good background, character idea and personality. He's supposed to be giving them a ride, when a brawl starts in whatever 'cantina' they were in at the time. The Jedi immediately being going nuts and murdering every bad guy and potential threat (IE innocent bystanders) in range. The new guy was actually properly RPing a character with some morals, so this didn't sit well with him.

    I'm not incredibly familiar with the rules for this older system, so I might get some of this wrong. Basically he was delaying his actions while he called out for them to stop and just leave already. They continued to spend all their actions murdering people and ignoring him, or telling him to join in. Finally he threatened to open fire if they didn't stand down. Of course the players just laugh at the thought.

    "Do you even know how many dice I get to Deflect Blaster Fire? You'll never hit me."
    "Right. Except you just committed all of your dice to attacking, when the GM told you nobody was armed with a blaster. Actually, everyone else did the same thing."
    "I shoot him in the head. Actually, I have enough dice in my pool to split them and hit everyone once."

    And then all the Jedi were dead.

    And the GM was able to teach his players a lesson and start a new campaign. He hadn't given the new player any instructions or help, but he said he had a good idea of how he would react to his group's antics.

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