Wincars Racer - An online arcade racer with a strategy twist (PC)

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Hello everyone at Penny Arcade Forums,

This is Javier from DragonJam Studios. I'm creating this thread cause we're developing a game and we're in the need of feedback from the community of gamers.

We've been developing our game for two years and we're now giving access to an open beta (which will last untill next Monday 22th) in order to gather feedback from players. We are also running a Steam greenlight campaign (which is going pretty well, at this moment we're #20 out of 2000 games). I have read thoroughly the rules on the how to apply thread, and know that it is not allowed to post the link here, so if you're interested just google it :D

Don't hesitate to ask anything you feel like, I promise to answer everybody. We are also open to hear any idea, doesn't mind how crazy it might sound.

Also, even though we'll close the beta in 6 days, future tests will probably be made prior to the game launch. Just keep in tune!

How to play the Beta

Download the game at and make sure to check out the official scheduled playtimes where is easier to find players to race against.

Tuesday. Thursday and Sunday from 12:00 PST to 14:00 PST (20:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC)

We're hosting a big last closing globaltest this Sunday on same schedule and even more players are expected to take part of that one!

Regarding the game..

Wincars Racer
Wincars Racer is a fast-paced online racing game with a strategy twist. It blends the instant fun from arcade racers with strategic and competitive features.

Trust your skills
There are no random power-ups or any other element which arbitrarily unbalances the game. Wincars Racer introduces three special skills per driver which needs time to cool down or collecting coins in order to be used, a system inspired in MOBA games that extends strategic options.


Online Multiplayer mode and single player Time Attack mode.

11 cars with different driving styles with more than 120 alternative skins
6 drivers with a specific and unique skill
Ten circuits with alternative routes to explore
Friends system, chats, custom races, rankings and content updates
OST by Javi Diez from rock act Mägo de Oz

Some pics:







Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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  • DrezDrez Registered User regular
    Screenshots look really pretty. I'm at work but I'll take a look later.

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  • DragonJamDragonJam Registered User regular
    Drez wrote: »
    Screenshots look really pretty. I'm at work but I'll take a look later.

    Hey Drez, thanks a lot for your comment!

    And thanks a lot to Tube as well for posting this opening thread.

    Finally, the Open beta will be closed next Monday 29th. As a farewell, one last final hours test will be held next Sunday 28th at 12:00 PST (20:00 UTC) We the devs will also be playing the game in this event, so it would be a pleasure if we happen to run into the same race with any of you!


    If you give the beta a try or if you have any technical issue that doesn't let you play the game, we strongly encourage to drop us a line, we love getting mails from testers!

    These all are completed surveys by buddies who played Wincars Racer at Japan Weekend Fair. The green fellow is a Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle, a guy you can trust.

    See you on Sunday!

  • DragonJamDragonJam Registered User regular
    The open beta has now officially ended

    Our intention now is to run time-limited tests periodically, so if you happen to read this and didn't play the beta before, you can still sign up at our site and we'll notify you when the game is available in these time-limited test events.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who took part in this and shared their thoughts on the game with us, your feedback is extremely valuable! We are already working on tons of changes and improvements suggested!


    Wincars Racer has been greenlit and will be published in Steam!

    It raised more than 4000 "yes" votes and was featured in the top 20 among more than 2000 games ever since the very first 48 hours.

    We want to give a heartfelt thanks for such an overwhelming support!


    That's all for now. As always, Do not hesitate to leave a comment!

  • DragonJamDragonJam Registered User regular
    Hi there!

    We wrote a comprehensive post mortem on the past Wincars Racer greenlight campaign approved with the help of your votes. An insight into how Valve chooses what titles will end up being available on Steam and a good help if you're planning to release your own games on it. Do not hesitate to ask anything!



    Regarding the development of Wincars Racer, we're now working hard to implement Steam features into the game... friend system, achievements, etc... and making good use of this extra time to work on polishing game mechanics and some new stuff that will be announced shortly... :P


  • bigosaurbigosaur EuropeRegistered User regular
    I just discovered this game and I'm interested to play it when it's done. I looked at your Twitter and there were no updates since you got greenlit? Is the development still happening? Do you have a rough ETA on release date?

  • DragonJamDragonJam Registered User regular
    Hi there!

    It's been almost two months without an update, I really missed you but we had tons of work to do around here!

    First off, we got a new website! check it out at

    Also, you can sign up for the newsletter at and get a chance to win a Steam Key to participate in the next Beta test!

    Many of you who played the game told us that you didn't like the style of the menus. We listened to that and it became a priority since that same moment. Well, here it is, we've revamped all the interface, menu, icons and the in-game HUD, and the truth is that we're veeeery happy with the new look!




    What do you think of it?, can you guess what game inspired us in this change? ;)

    If you didn't take part in the past Beta test, you can compare this with the old interface in this blog post


  • DragonJamDragonJam Registered User regular
    bigosaur wrote: »
    I just discovered this game and I'm interested to play it when it's done. I looked at your Twitter and there were no updates since you got greenlit? Is the development still happening? Do you have a rough ETA on release date?

    Hi bigousaur,

    Sorry I didn't see your post until today. Yes, we're developing and everything goes just fine! The thing is that we can update all our social media as fast as we can, but we always answer email immediately!

    Sorry but, no estimated release date yet :(

    We want to make sure that we announce a release date that we can fulfil :hydra:

    You can sign up for the newsletter and then you'll receive an email as soon as the release date is announced (and maybe also a Steam Key to play the beta!)

    Seriously, thanks a lot for the interest and your comment!

  • bigosaurbigosaur EuropeRegistered User regular
    Thaks. I'll sign up for the newsletter.

  • DragonJamDragonJam Registered User regular
    Hi there!

    We'll have some exciting news regarding release date pretty soon but before that I'd like to show you the latest Wincars Racer build and all the new stuff. As always, feedback is much appreciated!

    We're not sure now if we'll have enough time to do more beta tests, but just in case we could do more or if you just wanna be updated with all game news (release date, sales offer, big updates...) you can sign for the newsletter or just follow us on twitter


    First, we already chose the capsule image for Steam, well… the platform displays many different artwork in several sizes as you all know. This in particular is the one used in the main store page (hopefully we’ll appear there, finger crossed) and also while in big Picture mode.


    We’ve implemented a new mechanic which digs deeper into the strategic side of the gameplay. It’s all about this new Nitropower walls. Placed in spots such as shortcuts or alternative routes, you’ll lose the charge in all your special skills if you pass through them but in the other hand you’ll gain some precious time because of taking advantage of shorter routes. It’s up to you to decide what to do in each moment!


    We’ve remade Hanging Cliffs circuit from scratch, please see this screenshots to appreciate its new look.


    We’ve replaced old generic splash screens for a new specific new ones for each circuit. Here is a small sample of some of them:


    Apart from all menus and HUD we’ve also improved Stomp and Turbo instant charge points. They looked kinda dated and bland but we think that they gained a fresher look now.


    We also had time to polish and improve almost all car models. Some of them look almost like completely new ones, compare by yourselves.


    Finally, we also made some cool icons for the division shields. You’ll be lowered or promoted depending on your race results and this is what will matter in the matchmaking for further races.


    We’re very close to reléase the game, greetings from the devs at DragonJam!

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    Screenshots look really nice. I'll play this game.

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