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MannJohnsonMannJohnson Registered User new member
I just started my first webcomic two months ago and I'm looking for some feedback on the art. I'd appreciate any comments or criticisms anyone can offer, I'm looking to improve. The comic is MannJohnson.com, but I'm looking for comments specifically on the images attached as I think they're the best work so far (they're out of sequence, so don't worry if it doesn't make sense).

Thanks in advance



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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    First off, welcome! Hope you stick around.

    I would suggest posting a few pages in order, actually. the things with comics is that the sequential read matters alot, and you can get away with some things if your story is compelling enough.

    I will say right off the bat, it's too hard to read. I prefer hand lettering, even rough hand lettering, over typed comics, but you have to be aware of your spacing. The easiest thing to do is grab a blambot font and use it to write over. You don't have to trace it or anything, but using it as a guide will help you space out your letters and have them be legible. Get something that's close to how you'd normally letter, and eventually you'll just gain better spacing habits.

    After that, it's really a question of "what do you want your art to look like?" Comics can fall under a wide range of "art quality". I could tell you to learn to paint full backgrounds and do master studies, but that's not great advice if you never want to paint. State some influences and describe what you want to see more of in your own work, and that will help us give you a proper crit.

    If you need help taking on that kind of reflection, check out the resolutions thread: https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/202615/enrichment-resolutions-2016#latest

    and some other forum links:

    General advice: https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/196619/comic-resources-masterpost#latest
    Construction advice: https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/180484/july-monthly-enrichment-character-construction/p1

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    MannJohnsonMannJohnson Registered User new member
    Late response: I appreciate you giving me some things to think about.

    Tell us what your goals as an artist are:
    I want to find a balance between improving the art with backgrounds and better figures while still maintaining a sort of crude childishness to the drawings.
    How long have you been practicing this form of art?
    I've been doodling for years, but I've only started genuinely trying to get better since January.
    Who are some artists or styles that you admire who you strive to be like in your own work?
    I'm a big fan of Moebius, Ted McKeever, and Eddie Campbell. In particular, Moebius is a terrific visual storyteller and that's something I'd like to strive for, but it's a bit early to say that any of his influence has actually shown up.

    Since posting here a couple of weeks ago, I've started trying to make my lettering more readable, that change doesn't come up until the second half of the following pages from the comic.

    Here are a few pages in order to get a feel for the story:


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