Problem with Penny Arcade Blog Posts

I have not been able to find an email for issues with the Penny Arcade comics/news posts; if there is an email I should send to instead of this forum thread, please let me know!

Several of the older news posts accompanying comics only partially display. I know there was a lot of data lost at one point, and there have probably been multiple small mishaps, but many posts stop partway through the text, and display garbled HTML. An example is Jerry's post about the birth of his daughter, Girl You're So Groovy; the post stops halfway through and has a bunch of unattached <li> elements floating there instead. I remember reading this post when it was first written, and now more than half of the post is just unavailable.

I realize that news posts are probably not a high priority, especially news posts from years ago. And, given the vagaries of databases, the issue might be one with missing data itself and completely unfixable. But it looks like the text was just malformed - missing a closing </a>, perhaps - and so the problem might be fixable in the backend code.

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