PC monitor stopped showing PS4 video

Stupid console technology problem here.

The PS4 works fine. Normally I have it hooked up to my PC monitor (Dell S2409W) HDMI-HDMI with no issues, and it still works fine plugged into an HD TV. I hadn't turned the PS4 on in a couple of weeks or so, but now when I turn it on, the monitor lights up as if it's receiving signal and stays that way as a blank but lit screen - the monitor doesn't give the no signal notification. The PS4 audio is still going out OK.

I tried booting the PS4 into safe mode, but I get the same problem, still a lit blank screen. Tried with and without HDCP enabled, still a lit blank screen. PS4 has latest firmware/system update.

I'm trying to independently verify that the HDMI port on the monitor is even working, and once my old PS3 pad decides it wants to charge I'll try that.

Any ideas? Thanks :)


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    HugglesHuggles Registered User regular
    Solved! HDMI port on the monitor has broken, running PS4 into a HDMI-DVI converter works fine.

    TIL you really shouldn't yank out HDMI cables from powered hardware!

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    MugsleyMugsley DelawareRegistered User regular
    That's where I was going to point you. Then I realized your monitor is probably fighting because it doesn't want to display Peasant Technology.


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