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[Win, Mac, Linux] And So It Was, a mysterious top-down action adventure, now on Steam!

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And So It Was, now out on Steam!

Release Trailer:

And So It Was is a mouse-driven top-down action adventure game with randomized elements to keep things fresh every time you play.
You are the Boy, who escapes captivity and goes through unique areas fighting (or avoiding) enemies while trying to figure out how and why he was imprisoned in the first place.

Key Features:

- Mouse-driven gameplay inspired by old-school RPGs and RTSs.
- Randomly generated levels, each with more to explore than the previous one.
- You get one life to tackle the challenge (a.k.a. permanent death).
- Unique combat mechanics: the more damage you take, the less damage you inflict.
- Alter the way you play: Make deals so your damage comes from your missing stamina, inflict and take double damage, or pay the price of magic with your stamina...
- Piece together the lore throughout the game. You might not get all of it on the first run, but you’ll want to play again to get the whole story.
- Voice-acted narration that doesn't interrupt gameplay.
- Good old secret areas that are... well, secret.




Release Trailer:
Twitter: yanneyanen, VolumeUpStudios

Steam codes for the first, quick few:


  • SteevLSteevL What can I do for you? Registered User regular
    Thanks, I grabbed either the third or fourth code. Sorry, I should have made note of it before I ended up copy/pasting other stuff this morning.

    Definitely seems like a neat game, although it's hard as hell. I've died very easily on the first level, but I've only given it about 10 minutes so far. Will have to play more later.

  • monikazappermonikazapper the mouthless seaRegistered User regular
    Downloading the demo from indiedb for now before I grab a code! It looks really great but I want to try it for myself first.

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