My experiences with the PA games

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First off, I wanted to say hello to all of the members and staff here as an intro to my first topic/post here on the forums. I'm a fairly recent fan of Penny Arcade and its games and the like and I'm thoroughly enjoying them all! I'm slowly but surely reading through the old comics in the archives to familiarize more with the shenanigans of Tycho and Gabe. You can probably tell from my avatar here, but Tycho is my favorite character from the series. :)

On to my experiences of the games, I've completed Episodes 3 and 4 of On the Rain-Slick of Precipice of Darkness multiple times, and just recently was gifted Episodes 1 and 2 on Steam from a good friend of mine. Episodes 3 and 4 quickly became some of my most played games on Steam and favorites in general, as I love the 16-bit era of games. I really enjoyed the humor and style of both games, and Tycho's badass-ness (Is that a word? Is now) in Episode 4 was one of my favorite parts about Episode 4.

I'm looking forward to any and all future projects and comments from Mike and Jerry. I wanna try to become an active member of the forums, so I can't wait to chat with fellow Penny Arcade fans!


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    Welcome to the forums! As you might have noticed, this is a relatively low traffic forum these days due to how long it's been since the games came out. There's plenty of discussion in the other categories though, try Games & Technology or Singularity Engine ++

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    dijaverodijavero Registered User new member
    I'm also new here and I also love 16-bit games.

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