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Daylight Satans Time



  • CalicaCalica Registered User regular
    I don't care which schedule we are on, but we should pick one and never swap.
    3cl1ps3 wrote: »
    Calica wrote: »
    A bunch of my mom's friends and acquaintances have been gleefully telling her this is the last time they'll have to change their clocks. My mom knows better and has been informing them that no, that didn't pass Congress; but wtf? Has Fox news been lying about that too, or something?

    No, but when it initially passed there was a huge amount of reporting on it that strongly implied it was a standalone bill with bipartisan support that would easily pass. It was actually a provision on a larger, contentious bill that is not expected to pass, but this wasn't in the initial reporting or ever followed up on. So I get why people have the wrong idea.

    *Deep sigh*

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    We should be on Standard Time all the time. That's why it's called Standard Time.
    ASimPerson wrote: »
    My birthday is the 10th, so that means that under current legislation, my birthday is always the weekend of, or is just before, DST begins.

    I consider that... less than ideal.

    Unfortunately 7 (!) years later this is still true. One of these things has gotta move, and well one of them can't.

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