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    I took up knitting around the start of the pandemic. It's fun and good for podcasts! So far I've mostly been churning out these fun hats on circular needles, and I also made my boyfriend an elbow pillow for drawing on his tablet.

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    I carved a different kind of thing:

    I'm no Syman woodcarving, but I think I did alright.

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    This one was miserable to do. I actually started it 3 times. The pattern itself is not so bad, it was the fabric; I had been interested in seeing how things other than generic aida would turn out. First two were linens and it was literally impossible for me, the threads were actively shifting and that makes it impossible to keep things lined up. 3rd and final was evenweave which is basically a midpoint between aida and linen. Still a bit of shifting but switching to a smaller needle helped, however I'm shit at threading needles so that turned into its own misery. Still, came out pretty nice I suppose.


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    That looks great! I've been wanting to try evenweave sometime and I think I have some tucked away in my stash for when I feel brave. Did you grid?

  • ChiselphaneChiselphane Registered User regular
    Belruel wrote: »
    That looks great! I've been wanting to try evenweave sometime and I think I have some tucked away in my stash for when I feel brave. Did you grid?

    No, generally I don't do that. The only thing I've gridded is a big recreation of the stretching portraits from the Haunted Mansion, which is probably going to take about 2 more years to finish

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    I've only gridded one project and that was a mystery stitchalong (ended up being the golden girls) so it made the process a lot simpler. I think I would for large projects, but mostly I've only gone smaller things so it hasn't felt necessary.

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    so I recently got the Fallen London playing cards, and they're great! But I thought to myself: "a deck of cards this good needs an appropriate, in fiction box that I can place them in".

    So I ordered one online from FireTale at Etsy, and it finally got here today! Now I can put my cards in a stylish, canonical housing - for the Fifth Will Live On In The Heart Of The Sun...:



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