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Comixology vs Amazon

DrezDrez Registered User regular
I'm not a comic book reader, really, but I'm interested in reading through The Walking Dead.

Amazon owns Comixology.

My understanding is that if you buy through Amazon, you can read comics on the Kindle app or the Comixology app, but if you purchase through Comixology, you can only watch through the Comixology app. Is that true?

It seems to be SO much cheaper if I buy bundles of issues through the Comixology app, but then I lose the ability to watch through the Kindle app.

Anyone know any more info on this?

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    MulletudeMulletude Registered User regular
    Do you already have a comixology account? If no, their faq says you have to use your amazon account anyways.

    If you do, you can merge the two

    And I think this answers your main question 'Please note that after merging, only Kindle-purchased comics will move to comiXology, your comiXology purchases will not be available in your Kindle library. '

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    ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor changed Registered User regular
    I bought Shattered Empire #1 for kindle back in November and promptly returned it 5 minutes later.

    Suffice it to say the Kindle app was NOT GREAT at reading comics, but comixology was a much better experience. So unless they have fixed it, I wouldn't be too bummed out about it.

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    DrezDrez Registered User regular
    Unfortunately, there is no Comixology app for Windows 10 - they retired it. So I'm stuck using some bullshit .CBZ reader on my Surface Pro 4, which doesn't even seem to work in portrait mode and only works at all because The Walking Dead has DRM-free versions for download via Comixology.

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