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[ToS] Tree of Savior - We call it Ragnarok Online 3.



  • BlueBlueBlueBlue Registered User regular
    edited May 2016
    i'm team name cerule on orsha - controls seem fine but i'm using cleric+keyboard mode so no idea how that lines up - arrow keys to move, z/x for attack/jump, then hotkeys for skills/items

    BlueBlue on
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  • JakarrdJakarrd In the belly of OklahomaRegistered User regular
    Joypad setup seems pretty good for most classes. I use mouse set up which 90% of the time is fine. A problem I run into is that without target swapping thru things, sometimes I cast an ability and it is in the direction I am facing/where my mouse is; then times I cast and it goes opposite where I'm facing/mouse is.

    I don't do the keyboard setup cuz this is 2016 and I am wsad/mouse movement based. My coordination with using arrow keys is sadly lacking as a result, haha.

    Greetings Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.

  • a nu starta nu start Registered User regular
    Because of course this is region locked. Why wouldn't it be?

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  • FeldornFeldorn Mediocre Registered User regular
    I'm installing this, going to try it out.

    Reckon I'll try swordsman first, as that's usually my cup.

    Is strong AoE something I'll want for the PvE grind, or can I make due with solid single target to dispatch individuals faster? Did some looking over classes and was trying to decide what to go for. First character will probably follow a build from the forums while I figure things out.

    Are there any gotchas to watch out for as a greenhorn?

  • KitharsisKitharsis Registered User regular
    AOE seems pretty well desired for parties. Although as a swordie you will be expected to tank/taunt for higher level parties since you get the most HP scaling and basically the only taunt skill in game. A lot of swordies aren't too happy about this since they went DPS route instead of tanky. But the meta is very new so you can probably expect it to change as we go.

    Miscellaneous tips from a casual player:

    Only the main quest has quest indicators, so talk to every NPC that you find so you don't fall behind in EXP & EXP Cards.

    There are no stat resets at this time, so choose wisely. The current meta is to not spend points on SPR, unless you have skills that scale off of it. I would imagine they would add stat resets later, but who knows really. There are some theory crafters doing maths on the forums if you're a min/maxer. But really with hundreds of stat points and this early on in the game its hard to say what is best.

    Farm a cafisun (sp) set around level 40. It adds an additional attack for each swing. Its a small amount but priest buffs increase it and swordie attack buffs increase it also. Alternatively you could probably pick one up cheap on the Market. I sold my extra pieces for around 5k-8k depending on the piece. Not sure how the market is now since free to play popped.

    There are collection boxes in each map. You'll find a wooden chest with green leaves on it on all maps. This usually has a collection box in it. There is a girl in each town that you use the collection box with. Then each collection requires drops from monsters from the map. Once you collect them all a collection gives a minor buff to ALL of your characters on your account. They are minor, but they will surely add up by the time you're max level. I haven't been focusing on them, expecting to come back and farm them later. But there are a lot of them and I kind of doubt that I will at this point.

    Also, you can get exp cards for exploring each map to 100%. There is another adventure journal girl that will give you the cards for 100% exploring maps and for killing a # of each monster. This is something you can easily miss, and I was on my 3rd character before even figuring it out.

    It is advised to stay within +-5 levels of the monsters you are killing, otherwise there is an exp penalty.

  • FeldornFeldorn Mediocre Registered User regular
    @Kitharsis Thank you, that's awesome.

  • MagicPrimeMagicPrime FiresideWizard Registered User regular
    Team name is Burning-Blades, I have a swordsman currently.

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  • FeldornFeldorn Mediocre Registered User regular
    My team name is Feldorn... I'm on Orsha

    I thought I saw mention of a guild, but I can't remember now, is there a guild?

  • HallowedFaithHallowedFaith Call me Cloud. Registered User regular
    I'm not playing much due to life-things. Any PA guild you guys form or info you may want dropped in the OP - just PM me and I'll gladly add it for you.

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  • FeldornFeldorn Mediocre Registered User regular
    for collections, I need to get the stuff after I've turned in the chest, right?

  • KitharsisKitharsis Registered User regular
    You can collect them at any time. But without using an online resource you won't know exactly what you need for the collection before you turn in the box.


    And guilds for this game require a swordsman class thats like rank 6 or 7, which is a pretty big time investment.

    I'm on Klapedia anyway >_<

  • JakarrdJakarrd In the belly of OklahomaRegistered User regular
    Feldorn wrote: »
    for collections, I need to get the stuff after I've turned in the chest, right?

    You can gather items while leveling and track those on a sheet. There are a lot of collections you won't complete unless you get extremely lucky or have enough funds to buy one. The Vubbe Fighter Blood item I've never seen drop in any of my farming runs and I refuse to pay 700k on the auction house for one.

    Greetings Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.

  • FeldornFeldorn Mediocre Registered User regular
    Thanks, so do I need the stuff on my inventory, our just in the adventure journal that I found it?

    Like, all that celery, can I toss that?

  • BlueBlueBlueBlue Registered User regular
    edited May 2016
    for the collection you drag your item into its silhouette to register it at the npc
    collections are also team-wide so if you roll other characters know that you'll be revisiting the same areas

    more tip: if you hold left-shift when right-clicking a stack of items you can type in how many you want to mess with
    additional more tip: is a, possible slightly off but you get the idea, chart of the xp it takes to progress in level - note that occasionally the amount you need drops, these are xp resets, you'll blitz through the next few levels when you reach those spots

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  • KamarKamar Registered User regular
    edited May 2016
    Opinions: So, I have (another) peltasta about to hit 40, and I can't decide what to do with her. I have two builds I want to do, and I'll probably do them both eventually, but for now I'm just picking one to focus on:

    First option, a cataphract build for PvE and PvP. Cat for PvE is unpopular, but I'm pretty confident in my research and it should work quite well as a tank: Sword->pelt->hoplite or sword2->cat3->dragoon
    Hoplite gets it stabbing and finestra, sword2 gets restrain for the slow attribute for auto-crit steed charges (and general pvp)

    Second, a pure sword-and-board build for aesthetics only, which will probably not be great and suck to level outside of parties, but hopefully murmillo is good or roledero gets buffed: sword->pelt3->rolodero3 (not necessarily that order)->dunno OR sword-pelt2/3->rolodero2/3->fencer2?

    Sort of tempted to do the c3-c3 version just in case it turns out Murmillo is a Chaplain-style masterclass for one or the other, even though fencer looks fun.

    edit: Might should do the relatively safe cataphract build, just because my other swordsman build is firmly 'might be atrocious, might be good' as a sword/pelt/hop2/cor2/drg spear/dagger build.

    edit2: continuing my list of autistic hipster builds because finding strong things no one used was 80% of my fun in RO, I also have planned/leveling:
    arc/qs3/wug3 or wug2/arc2 for 'dot, then auto for a minute, dot, then auto for a minute' obnoxiousness.
    arc2/sap2/arc3/falc/cannoneer for aoe havoc
    cle/pr3/chp/dr2 int/spr build, because I want a druid but leveling krivis is antifun
    for my wizard, I'm winging it...definitely c3 psychokino though, too much fun (even if Gravity Pole can't be used without crashing clients). Probably warlock to finish.

    Kamar on
  • KitharsisKitharsis Registered User regular
    Your other swordsman build of swd/pelt/hop2/cor2/x was my first pick at a swordie build. But now I'm leaning toward Cataphract also! I think the mobility will be awesome for tanking and the Cataphract skills look super fun. The sword/pelt/rolo build seems like a cool concept build, and with the right gear could be great. Leveling would be a chore if you went super tanky though.

    My swordie is only sitting at lvl 44 right now, so it might be a while until he gets any love.

    I'm maining an archer currently sitting at lvl 119. Build right now is a/qs3 and quickly approaching rank 5. The a/qs3 build has a lot of possibilities after the 3rd circle of quarrel shooter. The lack of aoe is starting to become apparent in dungeon parties. Without a linker I just pew-pew one mob at a time while everyone else hits the whole pack. Leveling is a breeze though, and the mobility and consistent dps of running shot is great for bosses.

    I think any of your hipster builds would be great! Just make sure you pick the right stat ratio!

    In other news, new players can't install TOS on steam right now. They're fixing/optimizing things for a better experience. They had a period of little to no communication but they seem to be acknowledging the communities' concerns and working to make things better. They reduced token prices and just released a graphics optimization patch for the client, for starters.

  • LucedesLucedes might be real Registered User regular
    I really want to play this game, but I cannot.


  • TcheldorTcheldor Registered User regular
    So this game just got completely rebalanced. They changed up how the class changing works (horizontal instead of vertical) added a new base class, and revamped a bunch of stats and skills and such.

    So if you've been on the fence about it, you should check it out.

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  • FrosteeyFrosteey Elaise 1521-2945-8940Registered User regular
    I don't even remotely have time to play but I will give it another go.

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