The [Webcomics] Thread: Welcome back Gundi



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    CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    A rare Shortpacked update:


    Peace to fashion police, I wear my heart
    On my sleeve, let the runway start
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    HeadCreepsHeadCreeps NOW IS THE TIME FOR DRINKING! Registered User regular
    So this is how the webcomics thread dies; not with a bang, but a Bubsy.


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    EtiowsaEtiowsa Registered User regular
    Morkath wrote: »
    DarkPrimus wrote: »
    Light Yagami was an evil bastard and the creators of Death Note never pretended he was anything other than that.

    There was definitely a turning point, for his character between morally grey good guy he started as/aspired to and the evil bastard he actually turned into.

    He got the moral quandary of, if you have the ability to kill someone, that you absolutely know is guilty of something horrible. Do you? Then he went full on evil bastard with it, yeah.

    I mean, it took like a day for him to start killing people who caught on to him. And I don't think most people, when presented with the same power, would immediately decide they are qualified to be the sole arbiter of justice for the world and start offing people. He was an egotistical asshole from the jump basically.

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