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Tabletop question?

OzysturnOzysturn Registered User new member
For the past 2 years i have attended PAX in Melbourne as a spectator and have enjoyed it immensely. Now i want to do something different.
I have recently started demonstrating Dystopian Wars and Legions for my local gaming group and have also become a member of the Spartan Games 'Vanguards.'
I am looking to demonstrate the Spartan Games Range (Dystopian Wars, Legions, Firestorm Armada, Halo) at PAX this year and have sent emails off to the PAX organisation requesting further information.
Now i know that everyone would probably be very busy with PAX East right now then PAX DEV and PRIME. But does anyone know when will the organizers start to look at participant like Demonstrators or Sale Stores for Australia?
Just need an idea so i can figure out when i am going to organize accommodation in Melbourne.
Thanks for the time taken to read this and hope to see you there at PAX.
(Brad Morris)

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