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Learning to cartoon at home.

DankestFiberDankestFiber Registered User regular
Hey guys, I've been teaching myself to draw pretty much from scratch. I know there are alot of things to learn and consider when drawing, so I am trying to find good resources online to study in my free time. My job and home life leave me with only a couple hours a day to practice and/or learn. What are some sites/videos that might help me improve this?


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hey, welcome!

    By "cartoons" do you mean animation, or comics? Maybe both?

    If you actually dedicate that couple hours each day to improving, you can learn to draw. If you learn how to love learning the technical parts of drawing, it can be a rewarding process to improve, even in limited stretches.

    I might suggest different books and resources depending on what your end goal is. I suggest thinking of a few things now that you might want to "do" with your skills, as having goals can really help you make the most of your time.

    One of the best forum threads for cartooning is probably this one: and this one:"

    You're going to need to learn how to draw basic 3D volumes and then learn how to apply those to cartoons, and the best way to start is to study other people's cartoons, and simple real life objects.

  • DankestFiberDankestFiber Registered User regular
    Thanks! I will definitely check those out. If I make any good progress, I'll post it.

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