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Ice breaker game in swag bags - let's pair 'em up and get some free games!

chellerschellers New HampshireRegistered User regular
It seemed nobody knew what I was talking about on the floor. Maybe I'll have better luck here.

My group has:

____ attack (need jack)
game __ ______ (need of phones)
word _______ (need shuffle)
______ shuffle (need zombie)


  • RandomfoolRandomfool loofmodnar Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    I've got ____ Game( need twirk)

    I do Pokecrawl things. Professor Team Instinct, Hufflepuff supporter.@loofmodnar

  • newfoundcontrolnewfoundcontrol Registered User regular
    I have _____ TYCOON (need letter)

  • JewoJewo Registered User new member
    We have...

    Penny ___ (need Arcade)
    __ Attack (need Jack)
    Word __ (need Shuffle)

  • willowtasticwillowtastic NL, CanadaRegistered User regular
    We have Match _____ (need Plus) and _______ Tycoon (need Letter).

  • agreatrandomagreatrandom Wizard Outside BostonRegistered User regular
    We've got a...
    CUPCAKE ________ (need DECK) and
    CIRCULAR _________ (need REASONING)


    Design Wizard, Pizza Enthusiast, Craft Beer Extraordinare from MA
  • Wheels35Wheels35 Registered User regular
    We have ____Tycoon. (Need Letter)

    Badges: Check, Flight/Train: Still Planning, Place to Stay: Check
  • vman100vman100 Registered User new member
    We also have Game (need of Phones) and Word (need shuffle)

  • chellerschellers New HampshireRegistered User regular
    Three word _____ (shuffle)s and _____ tycoon (letter)s? I'm starting to feel like this is the McDonalds monopoly game where they limit the winning pieces. Boo!

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