What are the most popular booths this year?

PainePaine Registered User regular
If I get in line early tomorrow, what booth should I try to get to first?



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    newfoundcontrolnewfoundcontrol Registered User regular
    If you like Square-Enix, their booth is nicely setup. The only gsme there's a long line for is the FF XIV Sephirot fight.

    The Xbox booth has a Overwatch and Gears 4 to try.

    Bethesda has Doom to demo and Gearbox has Battleborn.

    Also there is the ever so fun game of waiting in line to purchase merch :-/

    Oh, and at the Capcom booth they have Monster Hunter Generations up for demo. Didn't look lkke the line was too long for it.

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    FunnelKing27FunnelKing27 Registered User regular
    If you are looking to check out some VR, i would hit that first. It seems like they have the biggest lines during the day. Maybe if you get there early enough you will get a decent wait.

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    newfoundcontrolnewfoundcontrol Registered User regular
    I noticed some Occulus Rift demos were also set up in the back of Tabletop that were still going into the night (the concerts were going on when I was observing). But I agree, the VR areas on the expo floor were kinda nuts.

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    ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    edited April 2016
    It's not very popular, but everyone should go check out Battle Chef Brigade. It's a puzzle game and beat em up around an iron chef theme.

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    hsuhsu Registered User regular
    The Oculus VR demos last night by tabletop were basically walk in & play. Everyone was waiting for Vive VR, nobody cared about the Oculus.

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