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Wait, Eleven years?

MrPulsarMrPulsar Registered User regular
Lets rewind like a b-side of a mix tape back to 2005, the age of large iPods with beautiful gray scale displays, huge handheld gaming devices, and big hair (jk, not the 80s!). Things like iPhones did not exist, the DS was a social gateway, and the PSP had die-hard Lumines fans. Oh and I was also only 15 when I first attended PAX, which was PAX 2005 in Bellevue.

I remember it pretty clearly actually, I was extremely excited to meet the guys from Red Vs. Blue because I knew they had a panel and a booth set up. I had felt like such a Penny-Arcade poser since I had not read the comic much before attending PAX, but it grew on me quickly and inspired my own creative ventures (sorry, no shameful plugs today). Essentially, I've gone to PAX every year I can and over time I think I can say I saw PAX grow into what it is now and, it really is amazing.

This is more of a retrospective thread, for those who remember 'what things were like' or what they were up to when they first went to PAX and how it affected them.

Now, if I do attend PAX West this year, it will be the 10th PAX I've attended, with 2014/2015 being the only exclusions. I think not going in 2014 and 2015 was good because I sort of felt 'PAX'ed out' and was kind of feeling like PAX was so big now compared to what it was like in 2005, it felt so comfortable then and in 2013 it felt so crowded. But, despite that I can say that I was there when the Ball earned it's respect, shoulder to shoulder with attendees in a small convention center (relative to the current ones PAX uses) in Bellevue. All hail ball! It's amazing to see what Gabe, Tycho & everyone at Penny-Arcade has done over the years, and seeing what was once considered an outcast lifestyle so boldly presented at PAX, I'm happy to say that I basically grew up with PAX. I will be 26 going on PAX 2016, and I guess we'll see if I get tickets this year. :)

Thanks for tuning in, just wanted to share how much PAX means to me.

Oh and if there are guitar hero tournaments again because of the new Rock Band or new Guitar Hero Live, that would be awesome. I was 'known' for my GH and rock band playing at previous PAX events.

Here's hoping I get tickets this year! :)

Good luck to everyone else and please, if you feel like you wanna share memories of playing bomberman on a sega genesis with 8 other people, or any memory you remember best, go for it! PAX did help shape me into the person I am today, because it taught me (a geek in a small, small town) that I was not alone. ;)

- Mr. Pulsar


  • LairdLaird Registered User regular
    I seem to remember something about the double tree and Roosterteeth the year I met you in 2005.:)

  • LegacyLegacy SCP Of The Digital Frontier The Grid(Seattle)Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited May 2016
    Been to every Prime, myself. Drove up from California for the first, then moved up to WA before the second. I've been tempted not to go the last few years, but once tickets come out, my hype jumps up and I end up with two sets somehow...
    MrPulsar wrote: »
    Oh and if there are guitar hero tournaments again because of the new Rock Band or new Guitar Hero Live, that would be awesome. I was 'known' for my GH and rock band playing at previous PAX events.

    Not sure about tournaments, but there will be another Seattle Rock Band After PAX Party on Monday night up at the Unicorn(on Cap Hill), with a competition for best band/singer/guitar and prizes and freeplay the rest of the night. Still trying to figure out if there's going to be a freeplay stage or the like somewhere in the convention...

    Legacy on
    Can we get the chemicals in. 'Cause anything's better than this.
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