HD 7850 Black Screen is Making Me Very Angry

Hey everyone, I don't often pass through here that much anymore but I have a rig issue that is making me go bananas and you all have helped immensely in the past.

Last week I woke in the morning to find I left LotRO running overnight. Okay. That happens. But what was strange was that the game never logged out, even to character select. I was right where I had left it, forgotten, the night before. Generally if this happens the game will log out, etc., but I opened the window to find I was still logged in and connected to the servers in-game. That was really strange. There was also a recent driver update, as well.

Soon after I opened the program I got a BSOD where I cannot recall the stated issue.

Ever since then my HD 7850 goes through boot and the initial Win10 splash screen (Blue Windows logo and spinning dots at bottom on a black background) before going dark when I get to what should be the login screen. No cursor. No apparent power to keyboard. Just a black screen. The machine also seems to "quiet down" here and I don't believe I can even login blind (likely due to no power to the keyboard, though who knows).

This isn't the end of the world as I still have my HD 5770 "miracle card" which still runs stuff decently that it has no right to run being so damn old.

I've gone through as many soft fixes as possible over the last week. Been living in Safe Mode. Wiped drivers using removal tools, cleaned registry, re-installed and un-installed a million times... No difference. Different Catalyst drivers. Installing from Catalyst as well as directly via device manager updates.

The card, I think, isn't fried. It works fine without drivers using base-windows drivers in low, low resolution. Though as soon as drivers install it is back to the black screen.

So I'm wondering if crowdsourcing some of this may land me at an answer. I'm not exactly in a place where replacing my GPU is very realistic for a good while. Thankfully I can limp along with the 5770, but for a singular example I just grabbed Shadow of Mordor and would love to play at non-lowest settings.

The two things I have yet to try (since they're more involved to different degrees) are:
1) Re-installing Windows (not a big deal since I keep everything I need on non-OS drives-- also, I'm overdue for a clean wipe anyway.)
2) Upping my PSU as I'm running a 550 and I have seen small suggestions (though no confirmed solutions) that this may be a power supply issue.
2a) Using a PS/2 KB to try to see if this is a multiple monitor issue (as I've seen suggested) though that still would leave the unexpected loss of power to USB keyboard (USB mouse and others remain find). If I can't login with a USB keyboard, I may just be in a place where it is being sent to other monitors and I can't address that without KB? I will say I did try attaching multiple monitors to no luck.

The second option there is somewhat tempting to try, but I'm uncertain of the veracity of even if that would potentially solve anything. The rig ran fine under that PSU for 2+ years. The Keyboard seeming to lose power at

I'd love to hear any thoughts or if anyone can offer any pointed assistance. This is driving me up the wall.

Thank you greatly in advance.



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    tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    Nuke it from orbit and reinstall Windows; use the 7850. That would be my first step, especially since you keep stuff on other drives.

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    The Crowing OneThe Crowing One Registered User regular
    tsmvengy wrote: »
    Nuke it from orbit and reinstall Windows; use the 7850. That would be my first step, especially since you keep stuff on other drives.

    Exactly! That seems my next step. Gonna do that tomorrow. It is such a time-sink that I always put it off. Wondering if I should just kill win10 and go back to win7.

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