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    Magic Pink wrote: »
    Ok Dodge changed, yes? I either have to be guarding or press X twice to Dodge now, wasn't it just one press before or am I thinking of all the other souls games?

    You sure you aren't mixing up the dodge roll with the normal dodge dash. High stance has an immediate roll. Medium does a dash and then if you press again you do the roll. Low just has infinite dashes. They all have iframes.

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    I really need to get back into the DLC. I picked up the season pass for my birthday but haven’t sat down with it for long periods of time. Just beat the first zone, which was super easy because I was far over leveled for it on strong.

    I was thinking about skipping straight to demon, but there’s probably stuff like new guardians I should get first.

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    rolled up a new set. it's 6 pc warrior the west + 5 pc inari grace. inari gives me damage when my weapon is buffed, wotw gives melee vs. shocked. got an accessory with the shock star effect.

    nice thing about is that it's a grace set, so i can run any weapon on it. been using it with tonfas and it's cleaning up. respecced my build to meet requirements for my stuff then dumped my stats into constitution, courage, and heart so I can run both builds with the same stats. think i'll run dual swords as secondary.

    it's also a fresh set and not one farmed up mid NG+ like my spear set, so i've really been able to load up on attack inheritables and star skills. i did update a couple pieces of my spear set because i found a set of boots with bonus evade (seems to be a light armor exclusive roll?)

    if you're forging new armor i think the star skill to shoot for is probably ki damage, as skill damage can be tempered, though it's a lower roll.

    edit: ki damage is medium only.

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