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[Wrestling] It's not the end of TNA, but you can see it from here...

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For the past three years or so I've avoided mentioning TNA Wrestling by name, if for no other reason than because it's a embarrassingly stupid name. There was this sense that if you just ignore it it'll go away, but now I feel like we know it will never go away....not even when it's dead. It can never be undone. Over those years the...fucking company...has lost it's deal with Spike TV and Destination America and probably soon Pop TV. At this rate TNA will survive into the 2020s being exclusively broadcast on a Youtube channel that isn't allowed to post videos longer than 10 minutes. Recently the company's been in negotiations with literal actual Nazis The Harris Brothers over who actually owns this sinking ship. Re-airings of Impact have been pulled from broadcast. Wrestlers who have been with the company since the beginning are leaving. Pay's late again. They had to move out of their corporate HQ into their merch warehouse. Things are looking dire to all but the most delusional of fans. I think we should address this problem by name...and pay our respects...

I'd like to recap the entirety of TNA's failure here, but there's a character limit to how long these posts can be and I don't have the entire rest of the year free to really cover it all. For more information on TNA that isn't a parody video made by me go read this list compiled by a bunch of stoners. Go read it now. Copy it and save it somewhere because they have a habit of not paying their server bill, which in a way perfectly fits TNA.

Normally I would prompt you to discuss TNA. This post would normally ask for you to post your thoughts on favorite angles, matches the X Division, the Knockouts, overbooking Attitude Era guys, six sided rings, gimmick matches, Ring Ka King, four sided rings, invasion angles, 86 second world title matches, six sided rings and Vince Russo...

don't do that.


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