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Pokemon Thread: Shaymin you if you don't get your Shaymin through Mystery Gift this month!



    Just letting everyone know that I won't be posting the new OP, since I'm probably going on blackout with new Sun/Moon info, and I don't have Go.


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    Zenyatoo wrote: »
    i'm not saying you couldn't get a shuckle

    just that the RNG is pulling out of a much bigger bag, so that you might get a shuckle but you probably won't

    but also yeah there should be trading if and when it reaches that point

    If you tell me I could get Shuckle but probably won't, I'll tell you to take your badly made game and shove it. The whole reason this game is popular is because it's telling people they CAN get the Pokemon they love.

    i dunno i mean you technically can get, say, a gyarados, but only if you collect a metric fuckload of magikarps

    Right, it's available if you put in the work. That's way different from something random where you can put in as much effort as you want and will still never get the thing you want. That's bad effort-reward design.

    it's random whether or not you can find the magikarps though

    so far i've only found one, if i want a gyarados i'm gonna need 50

    similarly if you were pulling from the full list of pokemon it would take more walking around to find specific ones you want becasue the odds of any given pokemon would be lower

    i'm fine with them launching with only the original 150 but among other things i want to see them add i want more pokemon to get added a relatively fast pace

    you need 101 magikarps.

    the first 100 are caught and transferred for the 400 candy, the last is to be actually evolved.

    the magikarp i caught came with 7 candies, which means he's worth 8

    does that stop happening when you catch repeats?

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