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Stellaris Thread



  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    In the stream I referenced above, they did also mention that new victory conditions are coming soon. Not in Asimov, but probably in Heinlein (the next big update).

    I don't know if pre-existing influence costs have been adjusted (for stuff like frontier outposts) but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Considering a lot of things now cost influence that didn't used to, it would make sense to take a step back and evaluate how much everything should cost.

  • CampyCampy Registered User regular
    edited June 2016
    I really like the concept of influence as a mechanic. In my mind it's essentially persuading your populous and other space empires to do/acquiesce to a given action.

    Perhaps it could be a good way to allow an empire to build tall. A small dense empire could have a whole bunch of influence and so could use it to "buy" various diplomatic options from other empires and such.

    Whether they can figure out a nice balance of things to do with it and ways of gaining it remains to be seen. I've still got a lot of faith in Paradox though, they'd have to do a decent number of terrible things with patches to lose that.

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  • Sir FabulousSir Fabulous Malevolent Squid God Registered User regular
    Yet more info about Patch 1.2 Now Available.


    Better Looking Battles
    Range increase for all weapons, giving more time before close-up engagement.
    Combat Computers changed from Aggressive or Defensive into Swarm (close fighting; bonuses to damage, speed and evasion) or Bombardment (long range fighting; bonuses to accuracy, fire rate, and range).
    Default ship behaviour changed so that ships will not engage in 'angry beehive' looking battles and will instead try to broadside enemy fleets.

    New Map Modes
    Diplomatic Map - shows allies, warring empires, rivals, etc.
    Opinion Map - what it says on the tin
    Attitude Map - another self-explanatory one

    Nomad Fleets
    In the game right now, Nomads are a simple, rare encounter. In Asimov, Nomads are actual fleets that can come visit your galaxies and interact with you more fully.

    Slave factions will be added: Docile Slaves, Malcontent Slaves, Abolitionists. Slavers may need to manage these factions or else face revolts.

    New wargoals added so that wars can be fought over things other than territory. Added in this patch:
    Make Tributary - Tributaries pay a percentage of their resources to their ruler, but are otherwise independant.
    Abandon Planet - Kill all populations on a planet
    Humiliate - Gives you influence
    Open Borders - Give you border access for 10 years
    Stop Atrocity - Force the enemy to ban slavery and purging

    Diplomatic Incidents
    These incidents will occurr between two empires and shake up relations.


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  • MaddocMaddoc I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother? Registered User regular
    I think once this hits beta patch, I'm gonna jump back in

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  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    Stop Atrocity is the best fucking name for a war goal holy shit.

  • CampyCampy Registered User regular
    So I'm guessing abandon planet will count against you if your pops dislike purging.

  • Sir FabulousSir Fabulous Malevolent Squid God Registered User regular
    You can only choose it as a war goal if your empire allows purging, so... yep!


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  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    Pinfeldorf wrote: »
    Stop Atrocity is the best fucking name for a war goal holy shit.

    We will cover the stars with the blood of our enemies if they try and take away our god given right to nerve-staple.

  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    wooooo they've got the Asimov patch in beta now

    time for my first game of Stellaris in weeks!

  • PailryderPailryder Registered User regular
    apparently there's another stellaris thread just in case anyone was watching this one and not the other one (like me)

  • Tommy2HandsTommy2Hands what is this where am i Registered User regular
    yeah but i dont wanna go into g&t

  • DoobhDoobh She/Her, Ace Pan/Bisexual 8-) What's up, bootlickers?Registered User regular
    Pinfeldorf wrote: »
    Stop Atrocity is the best fucking name for a war goal holy shit.

    my brave bird soldiers will fight for freedom (to commit atrocities)

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  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    Stellaris is 10% off until July 4, for those who are reading the thread but are on the fence.

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