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Microphone Noise Feedback

Mx. QuillMx. Quill I now prefer "Myr. Quill", actually...{They/Them}Registered User regular
Starting with my friends and I playing Overwatch yesterday, they've been telling me that they occasionally hear some weird tapping/popping noise coming from my headset with regularity. Aside from Overwatch, I've not installed anything new (and even then I think that was just patched rather than installed; had the files from the open beta). I've tried uninstalling my audio drivers, and it persists. I've tried system restoring back to before the noise cropped up, and it's ongoing.

I think it's just the headset, which sucks since I bought it about four months ago. Anyone else have an idea what it might be?

Mx. Quill on


  • LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    What kind of headset do you have? How are you connecting it to your computer (USB or 3.5 jack?)

  • Mx. QuillMx. Quill I now prefer "Myr. Quill", actually... {They/Them}Registered User regular
    It's a HyperX 7.1, USB.

  • LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    Is it the Cloud II?
    There is a firmware update that you can find here that might fix the problem. You can also try just switching usb ports.

  • Mx. QuillMx. Quill I now prefer "Myr. Quill", actually... {They/Them}Registered User regular
    edited May 2016
    I did try other ports, but I didn't know about the update.

    And yes, it's the Cloud II.

    Edit: Seems like that's done it. If it comes up again I'll just try a different headset. Thanks.

    Mx. Quill on
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