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Native language or not?

danbitdanbit Registered User new member
Hey guys!
Apologies if this has been brought up time and time again, but I didn't find anything about it so I'll just write my question. =)

I was wondering if anyone had any experience and/or opinions regarding writing novels using a different language but your own.
The reason I ask is because I'm practising hard at writing, I enjoy writing but I do not like my native language in fictional works (I'm Swedish).

Swedish to me is a pretentious sounding language when it comes to fiction. I do not enjoy writing in it at all. BUT, I worry at the amount of nuance to my language that goes missing because I am not a native English speaker. I've always considered myself good at writing and talking in English, but I have no real grasp of how well I manage so that a native speaker would fully understand and enjoy my written words. Grammar can be scary :P

So, I just wanted to ask for any input and thoughts on the matter. =) Thanks guys!


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