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Native language or not?

danbitdanbit Registered User new member
Hey guys!
Apologies if this has been brought up time and time again, but I didn't find anything about it so I'll just write my question. =)

I was wondering if anyone had any experience and/or opinions regarding writing novels using a different language but your own.
The reason I ask is because I'm practising hard at writing, I enjoy writing but I do not like my native language in fictional works (I'm Swedish).

Swedish to me is a pretentious sounding language when it comes to fiction. I do not enjoy writing in it at all. BUT, I worry at the amount of nuance to my language that goes missing because I am not a native English speaker. I've always considered myself good at writing and talking in English, but I have no real grasp of how well I manage so that a native speaker would fully understand and enjoy my written words. Grammar can be scary :P

So, I just wanted to ask for any input and thoughts on the matter. =) Thanks guys!


  • MagellMagell Sphinx! Parts UnknownRegistered User regular
    It's probably fine in English, at least judging by your post you have a good idea of how the language works.

    Plus a lot of colloquialisms are very regional so there's nuance lost among fellow English speakers.

  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I'd write in the language most natural to you. One of my good friends writes primarily in English, but has written some in her native language as well for anthologies and so on.

  • danbitdanbit Registered User new member
    Thanks for the replies!
    I have never in my life heard of the word 'colloquialism' :D which brings me a little bit back to my original thoughts on the matter, but it is nice to hear you guys at least understand my point of view.

  • DoctorJestDoctorJest Grand Eedjit The Loony BinRegistered User regular
    I imagine we all have words we don't know, though -- I personally have loads. I just try not to look too baffled when people use them.

  • GyralGyral Registered User regular
    You would be surprised at how much you learn as you write, especially if you go through an editing stage with a line editor. I'm a native English speaker for four decades and I learned soooo much during the writing of my first book. Little strange wiggles in the language that I'd never considered before I put it down on paper.

  • morgan_cokemorgan_coke Registered User regular
    edited January 2017

    Hey, you can always write in Swedish and then translate it to English if you're really concerned about it.

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