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    Further Drag'nificent Seven speculation.
    I actually hope it doesn't happen this way, because it doesn't really have a narrative payoff (for Jon anyway), and in some ways would be detrimental to the narrative given what's been explained of the process and aftermath, but for shock value I could see them going with:

    Thoros dies first - oh no, now we don't have a battle res
    Someone(s) else goes down, likely Jorah/Gendry
    Then the shocker, Jon is killed...
    But the (non-bookreading) audience gets the psych out and Berric does his best Stoneheart and brings Jon back and we get the twice resurrected reluctant king
    And then the survivors bug out, possibly without an undead and Jon has to explain to Dany that Jorah is dead, slowing the slow burn even more.


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