Best Way To Sell Tickets And Remove Scalpers

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Hi there,

simple thread to post my idea and hear about other ideas on how to sell tickets better and remove scalpers. When I say best way, I don't mean everyone will like it.. but we have to be honest that the current way is crap. Only those that are.. well lucky enough get tickets no matter who they. Why should an event like this be turned to luck.. it should be for those who really want to go. And those that do.. well they just buy the tickets for 200$ a pop form ebay or scalpers at the door.. I've seen it.

So what way would you do to resolve this. Here is my idea.

1. First, make it so everyone has an equal chance by raising the price. Supply/demand dictates the price and how fast something is sold. Selling a new car for 20$ will sell them out in a heartbeat. So we raise the price. I would suggest 200$. (See third if you don't like this)

2. Second, Have the buy date be the day after old pax is done. No waiting and on edge not knowing when it will happen.

3. Third, here is the fun part. Each day the price of the ticket drops 1$. Then when the last ticket is sold anyone who paid more is refunded the difference on their CC, or we just mail a check of the difference with the tickets.

This will allow that 200$ fan to go for sure since they will pay that while also removing most scalpers (not all i'm sure).

Those three points would also increase revenue for better swag.. cause lets face it.. the swag has sucked quite a bit the last few years.. Last year's swag bag had most nothing in it except ads for other stuff and you had to walk a mile to get it haha.

Lets hear what you think. Though I'm sure a mod will close this thread down cause change is scary for them. But the'll make a good excuse haha.


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