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West 2016 Room Shares - 2016 comes with an updated policy, so please read the OP



  • nomcookienomcookie Registered User new member
    edited August 2016
    Have Space
    Hotel: Sheraton (1 block away)
    Total Cost: ~$150 per person
    Date Arriving: Saturday, Sept 3rd
    Date Leaving: Monday, Sept 5th
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    My Gender: M, M, and F

    nomcookie on
  • Mallard77Mallard77 Southern CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    I just cancelled my double occupancy room at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel, will be joining with someone else who already has an open reservation somewhere in the Seattle downtown area.

  • Jaym4nJaym4n Registered User regular
    Have Space
    Hotel: Westin
    Total Cost: $400
    Date Arriving: Wednesday 8/31
    Date Leaving: Wednesday 9/7
    Number of Spots Available: 1

    Thanks to a cancellation, I have a shared bed spot available that needs filled ASAP.

    tl;dr: Snoring friendly room, earplugs provided. Payment needed in cash upon arrival. Please PM if interested.

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  • GraemeGraeme Registered User new member
    edited August 2016

    Hotel: Westin Seattle (4 Blocks to centre)
    Total Cost: $300 ($100 per night, 3 nights)
    Date Arriving: 2 Sep 2016 (Friday Afternoon Check-In)
    Date Leaving: 5 Sep 2016 (Monday Afternoon Check-Out)
    Number of Spots Available: 2 (We have a pull out sofa bed. 1 single person or a couple can sleep in it, price is the same regardless if you are single or couple)
    My Gender: Straight Couple
    Your Gender: None of my business
    Best Contact Method: PM your email, or text s3ven sev3n 3ight thre3 f!ve oh triple-three f!ve (sorry for obfuscation, don't want webcrawlers adding me to spam lists)

    Additional Comments: We are a boring early 30s couple who just plan on using it the room to sleep and would prefer someone similarly inclined. We don't require an early bed time (and we will keep quiet if you do), but we don't want to be hosting keggers.

    zerzhul on
  • BengyIndigoBengyIndigo Registered User new member
    edited August 2016
    Have Space

    Hotel: Westin Seattle 4 Blocks away
    Total Cost: 150 (50 per day)
    Date Arriving: september 2nd
    Date Leaving:sectember 5th
    Number of Spots Available: 1 extra bed but we can arrange it so 3 max spaces
    My Gender: Male, haha almost wrote "mail"
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter to me
    Best Contact Method: [email protected]

    Additional Notes/Requests: Please don't rob or stab me? that's honestly my only real request

    BengyIndigo on
  • SevorakSevorak Registered User regular
    edited August 2016
    Have Space:

    Hotel: Renaissance Seattle Hotel
    Total Cost: $315/person for fours nights if we get one more person or $230/person if we get two.
    Date Arriving: Sept 1st, afternoon
    Date Leaving: Sept 5th, check out in the morning and leave bags at the hotel
    Number of Spots Available: 2 1 floor spot. The room is described as having an oversized chair with ottoman, so that can be used for sleeping in place of one floor spot. Fair warning, this will likely be cozy with four people, but we will probably just be in the room for sleeping/showering.
    My Gender: Three males
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: PM

    Additional Notes/Requests: A friend neglected to tell us that he made other arrangements, so we have extra space to fill. We're pretty chill, may stay out until 12-1 playing board games and/or having a couple beers, but we're not huge partiers. You're welcome to join us for whatever. I'm unsure if I'll be able to get more than two keys, but I will see what I can do when we get there.

    Sevorak on
    steam_sig.png 3DS: 0748-2282-4229
  • Thunderous_TThunderous_T Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    edited August 2016
    *Found a room!*


    Date Arriving: 9/2
    Date Leaving: 9/5
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: M
    Your Gender: Don't Care
    Best Contact Method: PM or [email protected]

    Additional Notes: Friends bailed and so I'm going to attempt this pax solo. Looking for a place to crash, and people to do fun things with if you are game, but happy to make mine own adventure otherwise. I'm 31, love boardgames, monster hunter, RPGs, Dota 2. Don't smoke, don't drink, but don't care if you drink. I can respect your bedtime and I can pay up front. It feels weird to say but it's the internet and you wouldn't know otherwise so... I'm mostly fun and not creepy for what that's worth!

    Thunderous_T on
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  • TheGerbilTheGerbil Registered User regular
    Hotel: Homewood Suites (2 blocks to convention center, hot continental breakfast included every morning!)

    Total Cost: ~$300/person depending on how many people we have as we split a flat cost

    Date Arriving: 01/09/2016

    Date Leaving: 05/09/2016

    Number of Spots Available / Number of Spots Needed: 2ish

    My Gender: Co-ed, but really there is only one F currently so predominately M

    Your Gender: Whatever you want it to be

    Best Contact Method: PM

    Notes: Had some last minute people not be able to go so trying to fill their space. Will be likely floor space but that is negotiable (People are planning on sleeping on blow up beds so the pull out bed might be available)

  • Kayla MercerKayla Mercer Streamer Yakima, waRegistered User new member

    Date Arriving: Sunday 9/4 around 5pm
    Date Leaving: Tuesday 9/6 early morning
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: 28/Female
    Your Gender: I don't care, I'm desperate, friends bailed
    Best Contact Method: Twitter @atrolynnrae email: [email protected] phone: 509-314-5244 (text please)

    Additional Notes: I'm a 28 year old chick that managed to get one Monday ticket that has never been to PAX before. I drink and I smoke but I'll be fine if you don't and I will be respectful of your wishes if you don't drink/smoke as well.

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