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been painting

GreatnationGreatnation Registered User regular
Hey everyone, been a long time. Been lurking a bit the past few weeks again, thought I'd drop a line in and show you guys some new work. Moved my studio out of my apartment and have been feeling very productive. Looking for tips on people to look at right now, I've been feeling kind of bored with my go to inspo/ref sources. Glad to see so many people still here that I remember. I live in nyc now and make these paintings, I get to show around here every now and then, and I've also been thinking about tryna get in the book cover game.

The first ones are all just some picks out of the last couple months All this stuff is oil on canvas and medium sized. The first one is a painting I've wanted to make for a long time but was sort of scared to fuck it up:





And this is just the most recent thing, made this morning:



  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    @Greatnation Nice to see you around again!

    Who are your current inspirations?

    I guess to me right now things seem very loosely defined and in some spots a bit messy. The first one is nice but the figure is a bit weak. The last one is probably my favorite because I think the abstractions and light works well.

    The girl in the blue armor, its just a bit hard for me to tell whats going on and the strokes don't seem as deliberate. If you want to go for book covers, especially, I would consider trying to tighten up your forms and lighting in some fundamental areas, for a more solid base to place abstraction on, if that's what you are into.

  • GreatnationGreatnation Registered User regular
    "Who are your current inspirations?"

    well rn there are a bunch of painters that I'm looking at, but for inspiration I mostly just lurk really weird 3D deviant art accounts. I've been looking at a lot of very amateur illustrators basically. Been revisiting a lot of final fantasy art too. The painters that I'm into might explain some of the messy mark making, like Angela Dufresne or Dana Schutz.

    The book cover thing is kind of a side project, I'm partly just curious to see if I can get them out there without compromising the natural direction of my studio practice... I got in touch with a bunch of weird small publishers who normally have really goofy photocollage covers and a bunch of them seemed really into it so IDK. Definitely respecting the dominant styles of cover illustrators, not really trying to be compete with those heads. I guess what I mean is that in kind of a snobby way, these things are trying to be as much 'paintings' as they are 'images' which is why the image quality sometimes falls apart.

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