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[BREXIT] Farewell Europe, and thanks for all the Fish stocks



  • KarlKarl Registered User regular
    Also in regards to Corbyn

    He won't resign until a general election aftermath. His support from the SWP/momentum lot means he can win any internal leadership election.

    Much like the political will for reforms of the finance sector, know one will actually want things to change until it all blows up in our faces.

  • JoeUserJoeUser Forum Santa Registered User regular
  • DiarmuidDiarmuid Amazing Meatball Registered User regular
    It's the right thing to do.

    Any kind of unified Labour Party is miles better than the shitshow of the last few weeks.

  • ProlegomenaProlegomena Frictionless Spinning The VoidRegistered User regular
    JoeUser wrote: »

    They just sort of idly mentioned that in the Guardian live feed thing like it didn't have much import but it looks pretty big to me.

  • KarlKarl Registered User regular
    Corbyn spent his years in the backbench being a rebel

    When the majority of his own MP's rebel, he threatens to sack them all

    Speaks volumes really

  • AshcroftAshcroft LOL The PayloadRegistered User regular
    Toe the line or get sacked? What a surprise, ex Sun editor is full of shit.

    I mean there were 170+ MPs that voted against him, even if he wanted to do that do you think he could replace them all? And who with?

    Here is his actual quote, when he was asked about MPs being reselected:
    If this parliament runs to the full term, then the new boundaries will be the basis on which the elections take place and in that case there would be a full selection process in every constituency. But the sitting MP for any part or any substantial part of the new boundary would have the opportunity to put their name forward so there will be a full and open selection process for every constituency Labour party in the UK.

    I mean that is literally what happens when boundaries change.

    There will be some MPs that lose their seats simply because there are going to be fewer seats to contest.

    He is not threatening anything.

  • JoeUserJoeUser Forum Santa Registered User regular
    It's usually only when the boundaries significantly change though, on a per seat basis. This is across the board.

    And previously he was opposed to it:

    I mean, I don't blame him and think it makes sense, but it is meaningful.

  • JoeUserJoeUser Forum Santa Registered User regular
    Oh no, he's calling for snap elections

  • AshcroftAshcroft LOL The PayloadRegistered User regular
    He said that the moment May was elected. Every opposition leader does it as soon as a new PM is appointed by their party. It is always meaningless no matter who does it because that's not how being PM works.

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