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HELP - European Forumers please respond!

FortyTwoFortyTwo strongest man in the world The Land of Pleasant Living Registered User regular
Hello all,

I normally hang around in SE, I am a teacher and current grad student and I am throwing this out to see if anyone out there is from, or currently lives in Denmark or has any experience to be able to speak on Danish education.

I need to conduct an interview for a grad school project and thus far all attempts at securing this has been fruitless.

Anyone out there able to help?


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    BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    edited July 2016
    I may be able to help as I am a Dane and live in Denmark.
    It has been a while since I completed my education, so not I may not be completely up to date on all details. Throw me some questions if you like.

    BlindZenDriver on
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    GrisloGrislo Registered User regular
    I teach in Denmark currently ('STX' level) and can answer some questions if you have specifics, but only broadly within 'STX', 'HF' and university (humanities primarily) levels of education/teaching, but I'm happy to help. I have some minor management experience/knowledge within those fields as well, and can talk about the more 'mechanical' aspects of education as well, if needed, within reason.

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