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[Marvel Avengers Alliance 2] Twice the Avenging!

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Hey guys! I didn't see a thread from Marvel Avengers Alliance 2, so I thought I would create one.

What is it?
Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 (MAA2) is a game for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones. The game uses a turn based RPG system that pits your team of heroes against enemy teams in multiple different game modes, such as campaign, pseudo PVP (you play against other players' teams, but these teams are controlled by AI), etc. MAA2 is a free to play game, but the in game currency is pretty generous compared to other F2P games out there and I have never felt like I need to pay money to advance.

Can I play on PC
Yes. Many people use an emulator to run the android version of the game on their PC. It seems to work for them (I have never tried it).

What heroes are in the game?
Right now all of the standard Avengers have been added (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, etc) as well as many lesser known characters. The developers usually add 1-2 new heroes to the game per month, so the roster is always growing. Check out the official webpage for a full list!

How do I make progress
There are a lot of different ways to progress in this game.
- Commander Level: this is the level of your account. Increase your command level by complete Tasks (essentially quests) to earn Commander XP. Increasing your commander level gives you bonus gold and raises your energy level and unlocks certain parts of the game.
- Character level: each character you get can be leveled up to level 30. Increasing their level increases their stats.
- Character star level: each character starts with a certain number of stars. Most start at 1 or 2 stars. Some start at 3. Characters can have up to 4 stars. Each star increases their stats by about the equivalent of 3 additional levels. Stars don't do anything other than increase stats.
- Ability star level: each ability a character has can be leveled up to 4 stars (just like characters). Each character has 7 different abilities (four that start at 1 star, three that start at 2 stars, and one that starts at 3 stars). Increasing an ability star level improves the ability. Sometimes this means more damage, but often it means that the ability gains additional functionality (like debuffing the entire enemy team instead of just one enemy).
- Equip ISO crystals: instead of equipping characters with weapons and armor like in most RPGs, characters in MAA2 are equipped with ISO crystasls. These raise their stats and can give them set bonuses if you equip enough crystals from a certain set type. Each character can equip up to 8 ISO crystals and each equipment slot they have is assigned a certain color. If you match the slot with the same color of crystal you get additional stat bonuses.

This game sounds sweet, does it look sweet?
You bet! Check out this sweet screenshot:

What heroes are the best?
There are a whole bunch of tier lists out there (see links at the bottom of the OP). Many of these are outdated. In general, I do not think there is a character in the game that is totally useless once you level them up to 30 and get all 4 stars. However, some heroes certainly stand out:

Angela is regarded by most to be the most powerful damage dealer in the game (especially in PVP). This comes from an ability she has that gives her another turn if her attack kills an opponent (Impetous Cleave). She is also very fast and so often goes first. This results in her often killing several opponents before the enemy team even gets to take a turn.

Daredevil does a ton of damage. He has an ability that gives him another turn if he lands a critical or devastate (Deception Strike), which is very strong. Additionally, his passive turns him Stealthy and gives him Focused (increases his accuracy). He also has abilities that increase accuracy against targets that are Stealthy, which is strong in PVP since many characters use stealth to increase their survivability. Daredevil has very high accuracy, making him great against targets with high evasion (and high evasion is very popular in PVP).

Iron Fist is probably the strongest healer in the game. He also gets a ton of free attacks, so he synergizes well with free attack teams.

Wasp used to be the premier tank in the game, although with the last several updates there are now other tanks who also do a great job and give her a run for her money. Wasp has very high evasion, which means that she can trivialize most PvE content if you raise her to 3 stars and equip her with ISO crystals that boost evasion. She used to be ubiquitous in PVP, but I am seeing her less and less now.

What do the different currencies do?
- Silver: used to de-equip ISO crystals and research hero levels 10, 20, and 30. Hopefully they add something more for this in the future.
- Gold: purchase items in the shop, instantly complete tasks or trials, and refresh energy.
- AP: used to upgrade abilities and heroes (this is usually the largest bottleneck, so use your AP wisely!)

I'm new, how should I use my gold?
I would recommend trying to get a few heroes until you have one of each primary role (tank, damage dealer, and healer). There aren't that many healers in the game right now and a tank/dps/dps can clear most content anyways so don't stress if you don't open Iron Fist.

Once you have a few heroes you want, then gold is most efficiently used for energy refreshes. Not all players want to grind that much, though, so you can use gold to respin roulette wheels for quick but less cost effective rewards.

Useful links
MAA2 Reddit
Offical website
Playdom forums

Ally codes:
Mace1370 (4* Angela, 4* Daredevil, 4* Spiderman): 740-523-912

Mace1370 on


  • Wraith260Wraith260 Happiest Goomba! Registered User regular
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    Mace1370 wrote: »
    Can I play on PC
    Yes. Many people use an emulator to run the android version of the game on their PC. It seems to work for them (I have never tried it).

    its also available in the Win10 store, so no need for an emulator if you've updated to Win10.

    EDIT: also i guess add me if you want, Wraith260 - 209-890-478

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